Perfect Analogy of Dems v. GOP

Now what do you do, when a bully is in your back yard? Well you don’t just sit there and let him have his way. The GOP (bear) has come as an unwelcomed guest, and the Dems (Jack the Cat) needs to bear some claws and fangs. Run that bear up a tree, and if he tries to come down, run him back up again!

Jack the Cat Chases Black Bear Up Tree

A black bear picked the wrong New Jersey yard for a jaunt earlier this week, running into a territorial tabby who ran the furry beast up a tree twice.

Pretty good weight and size ratio when considering Jack’s situation. But that did not stop Jack! No sir, Jack is a warrior. Like the Dems need to be.

Jack, a 15-pound orange-and-white cat, keeps a close vigil on his property, chasing small animals when he can, but his owners and neighbors say his latest escapade was surprising.

So we know that the 15 pound Dem Cat can take on the Big Bad GOP Bear. So what happens if that bear decides to try to get out the tree you got him in?

Neighbor Suzanne Giovanetti first spotted Jack’s accomplishment after her husband saw a bear climb a tree on the edge of their northern New Jersey home’s back yard on Sunday. Giovanetti thought Jack was simply looking up at the bear, but soon realized the much larger animal was afraid of the hissing cat.

After about 15 minutes peering down at the cat from the tree, the bear descended and tried to run away, only to have Jack chase it up another tree.

That’s right Dems, run ’em up another one. Make them pay for every inch. Follow Jack’s logic, and fight like it is the last chance for mankind. Don’t just go to the polls, take someone with you. Plenty of bears are out there for us to chase up a tree. Start Hissing and Scratching!

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8 Responses to Perfect Analogy of Dems v. GOP

  1. Ginny in CO says:


    Cat adoption may go up in Alaska, Colorado and some other places. I wonder if they can be trained?

    As far as the Democrats. I like the idea of scaring the bear enough it doesn’t come back…. 😆

  2. LOL Ginny, see what happens when Pamela lets me publish at will. And she told me to behave! 😆 I promise Pamela, No Michelle Malkin post. 😉 I will make you proud of me. Scratch. Meow. Purrrrr, Now get on up that tree! Damned old bear needs some love taps! 🙄

  3. battlebob says:

    I think the bear was on his way to Oz..looking for the cowardly Lion..

  4. KJ says:

    Well, this comment doesn’t exactly fit the topic, but it might come close…

    Conversations in Rural Red Vol III Issue 400:
    Woman in waiting room talking about GWB:

    “He’s crookeder than a dog’s hind leg!”

    That was one of her mildest, but most colorful, comment. LOL

  5. KJ says:

    ps. I need to send Jack the Cat some Iams. And a brand new sheepskin window perch. What a cat, that Jack!!! 😉

  6. Teresa says:


    Fantastic! You are so creative. Keep’em coming. You’re my man.

    Does a bear……..????

  7. Yahoo has a pic of the cat and bear. This was just too funny to pass up. Don’t have time to add the pic, gotta go hop in the shower and get ready for work.

  8. cali dem says:

    Love this story.