Virginia Cotts

An inveterate truth seeker, I was raised in the Unitarian-Universalist Church, by a scientist and a multi talented woman who went on to become an RN. I eventually followed her, after a few years in pre-med, and have been in nursing for 30 years. I often warn readers about having two degrees in BS- nursing and sociology. Although raised in a strong GOP household, I ended up becoming a ‘Dukakis Democrat’ in ’88 and have been politically active in the Democratic Party since.

I have two grown children who have learning disabilities. Both in college as engineering majors. Their Dad is an Environmental Engineer, MS in Hazardous Waste.
And a dog I adopted on 3/15/03, named Shalom.

For several years now I have been commenting all over the blogs as Ginny in CO, my responses/comments are still under that name on other blogs.

Aside from health care reform, education, the environment and the overwhelming number of other issues and problems this country faces, my personal interests include mind/brain function, nutrition and health, spirituality, and nursing. Most of my career has been divided between critical care and home care. From my experiences in caring for vets back to one WWI survivor, I have developed a deep concern for their benefits and medical care. Of all the debts this country has, this is the one that must be paid first.

I fully supported John Kerry in ’04 and consider him to be the most qualified individual to become the 44th President of the United States. It is going to be one of the toughest terms that office has ever had.

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