It’s Official: No Indictment for Rove

Karl Rove had a good evening Monday. According to an AP report,

“On June 12, 2006, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald formally advised us that he does not anticipate seeking charges against Karl Rove,” Luskin said in a statement. Attorney Robert Luskin said that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald informed him of the decision on Monday, ending months of speculation about the fate of one of President Bush’s closest advisers. Rove testified five times before a grand jury.

Another source, Comcast News reports:

The prosecutor called Luskin late Monday afternoon to tell him he would not be seeking charges against Rove. Rove had just gotten on a plane, so his lawyer and spokesman did not reach him until he had landed in Manchester, N.H., where he was to give a speech to state GOP officials.
…the decision not to indict Rove is certain to buoy Republicans, who also got good news in the last week with the military’s killing of most-wanted Iraq terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

“The fact is this, I thought it was wrong when you had people like Howard Dean and (Sen.) Harry Reid presuming that he was guilty,”
Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehlman told Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends” show Tuesday morning.

The Democrats are not likely to be quiet about this. Howard Dean has already weighed in:

“He doesn’t belong in the White House. If the president valued America more than he valued his connection to Karl Rove, Karl Rove would have been fired a long time ago,” said Dean, the Democratic Party chairman, speaking Tuesday on NBC’s “Today” show. “So I think this is probably good news for the White House, but it’s not very good news for America.”

The decision has already hit the blogosphere at Austin Bay Blog due to the May 13 report claiming Rove would be indicted. and will surely create a heavy discussion on the truthout error. The names of their sources were supposed to be revealed if the story proved untrue.

It will be interesting to see what takes over the news today, Alberto or Rove.

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6 Responses to It’s Official: No Indictment for Rove

  1. markus says:

    Can you fix that Truthout link please.

  2. DAS from San Diego says:

    It still puzzles me that any news about this man can be considered good news. He just wasn’t caught. He was a part of the leaking of a CIA agent. We definitely know this and it is proven through his conversation with journalists.

    What kind of standards does this administration have? While Howard Dean makes these important commments – sure wish the American people felt this way as well. Again, as Dems we have to set the agenda and make sure Americans are focusing on what is important. In this age of information overload, we have to break through the clutter. We have to make them understand and care about the ramifications of these types of leaders. We have a lot of work to do and I hope & pray for our leadership to step up IN A UNIFIED WAY…

  3. pen says:

    Well Das- you certainly can’t count on the media to do anything to get the truth out about rove or anyone else.

    I knew it deepdown after the 4 and 5th call to the grand jury and there was no indictement. IF he was going to get indicted it would have been at the same time as libby as they were in cohoots with each other.

    Well the left can’t put all the blame on truthout. Yeah, their so called sources stink and were probably plants because rove knew how much dems hated his guts.

    But it was the left that cannonized Fitzgerald when he hadn’t delivered all the goods they still kept at it.

    Fitz didn’t want to pursue rove because he couldn’t prove anything? Rove destroyed plame’s career, endangered her, her family, her co-workers, interefered with Plame’s research on Iran’s nukes aspirations so as far as I’m concerned rove still are to be in jail stripes. He interefered with national security issues.

    The dems can’t let him off the ropes and they need to use him along with coulter and katrina to tighten the rope around the GOP throats.

    Rove will play even dirtier now so the dems better be ready to rumble and leave some teeth on the floor.

    Rove is a master manipulator no question and once again lady justice got a black eye. What else is new. Martha stewart goes to the big house over 4,000 worth of stock and rove damages the nations security and walks free. This sucks- not suprising but sucks just the same.

  4. Ginny in CO says:

    pen Says:
    June 13th, 2006 at 10:16 pm

    “Rove will play even dirtier now so the dems better be ready to rumble and leave some teeth on the floor.”

    This keeps my cold fury in good supply, but I sure hope others realize it too. Aside from the mess the GOP has gotten into, Rove is also going to be working from the I’m untouchable and it’s payback time mind set.