Women Now Cursing at Alarming Rates

OK before you start throwing things at me, this is not from me. Believe it or not, this lil gem is actually from a LTTE in my local paper. This is absolutely the funniest LTTE I have read in a long time. So ladies, would you be so kind as to hold off on the cursing till the end of the post.

Dean Whitney Flewwellin of Houma had enough time on his/her hands, to be able to make this observation:

Women now cursing at alarming rates

In answer to The Courier’s request for opinions concerning profanity, I say yes, this is certainly the “age of profanity.”

Where did they find the Puritans in the recent poll, who said, “More women said they were bothered by profanity?” Hasn’t anyone been listening to the more-aggressive women the past several years?

Recently, I was in a room with eight Catholic women, ages 20 to 74, when one woman in a loud tirade, used the word “freaking” 17 times — plus the S-word several times. When confronted with this fact, she denied even saying it once. However, her relative backed me up and said she had. Nor did she admit that “freaking” means the same as F-ing. To me, “freaking” is (and means) the same as the F-word, and most of us realize it. Television appears to show the same misconception.

Having spent more than 50 years profoundly cursing my way across 40 states and eight countries, the new age of free-cursing girls and women is a wee bit astonishing. In fact, I now have to curse louder to get my point across. No problem!

Check out teenagers using the Internet chat rooms, e-mail and instant messaging — then take another poll. Numerous freewheeling teenage girls are currently on the Internet, using the F-word frequently, probably trying to impress their male friends. Having grown up in a city with three naval bases, I can honestly tell you that they are saltier than the proverbial “curse like a sailor” statement. I’ve watched over the shoulder of several teenagers, and it appears that most teens can’t even express a decent Internet conversation without profanity. Female cursing is similar to female rest rooms — they are now both nastier than the mens’.

One guy uses BS so often, that he is now affectionately/humorously referred to as “Mr. BS.”

Further, parents seem to allow curse words from their little children, possibly for the same reason they allow them to run wild in public. Are they too lazy to correct them or are they afraid of public criticism if they discipline them? I surmise most children are hearing more cursing in their own homes, so they believe it is OK.

Thus, most of your poll percentages seem to contradict, and are lower than, my personal lifetime findings in my own opinion. Yes, we are using increasingly more profanity and no, it doesn’t appear to be much of a problem to most people.

Dean Whitney Flewwellin

So do you women really curse that much? Will we have to come up with a new saying? The old “curses like a sailor” might be in jeopardy. Maybe I should give Pat Robertson a call and get his opinion. Oh well, for now I just have to say “Expletive Deleted”.

Update: I keep forgetting to use my new internet bumper stickers. So how do you like this one?

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19 Responses to Women Now Cursing at Alarming Rates

  1. Donnie

    What the F? I mean hello – we women don’t f’ing curse all the time around here and we ain’t no freakin sailors either! 😉


  2. LMAO. Pamela, would you agree to that being one of the funniest LTTE’s in a long time?

  3. Ginny in CO says:

    Personally, I don’t curse that much- unless it’s about some fricking doctor. Oh, shtuff, and the friggin’ GOP.
    For some reason, I thought it had something to do with REALLY stupid. 😳 I mean, no one holds back on using the other f word, why come up with new ones – unless the old one is getting tiresome?

    I think it’s time to put the tired old gray cells to bed.
    New vocabulary words at almost 2 am??

  4. Ginny in CO says:

    😆 😆 😆

    Where did you get that??? I WANT it.

  5. Ginny in CO says:

    I always have to modify things a bit

    From: 96% of the residents

  6. Ginny,

    I have a bunch I d/l and this is where I got them from. Front Bumper – Internet Bumper Stickers®

  7. CaptainAmerica says:

    With Bush running the show, why would any women need to cuss? Just because he’s a &($))#*#^?

  8. Ginny in CO says:

    CaptainAmerica Says:
    June 15th, 2006 at 4:22 am

    Sure has driven me to cuss more, drink more and hate more.


    Just sent both kids bumper sticker/music emails. I love the site, I’m having a technology lapse. How do you download them?

  9. Right click on the item and then save as.

  10. DC says:

    I curse ALL THE TIME. I learned it from my mom and grandma, so there you go.

    But here’s a question: If “freaking” and “f-ing” are the same thing, why spell out “freaking” and not the latter? Unless the newspaper fixed it for the writer.

  11. DC,

    I imagine the person that wrote the LTTE submitted like that. Being a former Marine, I have been known to use some very colorful metaphors and eloquent adjectives at times. But then again, I’m just a man 😆

  12. Teresa says:

    hey! I don’t curse ever, godammit! Shit No! Not me! I’m a frippin’ lady!

  13. Ginny in CO says:


    Funny, since I read this last night, I think I have cursed more than in at least a few months !!!

    At least the dog doesn’t care 😉

    So, Gover, when are you going to shrink W enough you can drown him in a bathtub?

  14. Teresa, oh yea, you are so a lady!! Ginny, lol does the dog look at you funny? 😆

  15. Teresa says:

    The dog completely understands I’m sure.

    I hear ya, Gin. I’ve been slacking off myself. I used to be able to compete well with those darned marines.

    Right Donnie!!!

  16. Teresa says:


    I learned it all from my mother. She was the saltiest dame alive. But very elegant and cultured. God love ‘er.

  17. Ginny in CO says:


    Sometimes she gets up sort of excited.
    I think it’s just the tone of voice and her endless hope for more attention than the computer, books, etc.

    My dog also has Attention Deficit Disorder 😆

  18. Other people have told me they’ve noticed this the last few years too.

    For example: A couple years ago my father told me that every time they reported on TV that another one of our soldiers had been killed in Iraq he had to leave the room. He said he couldn’t stand listening to all the yelling and cursing at Bush by my 80 year old mother. 🙂

  19. Dean Flewwellin says:

    Hey DC! When my newspaper requested letters concerning profanity, mine was the only one published. I used “freaking” & “F-word,” as I figured that if they wouldn’t express it, they wouldn’t print it for me either. Further, they deleted my paragraph concerning the “N-word” & “Honky,” which should qualify as the “H-word,” but both races appear to use “Honky” freely. Another “hot topic” would be our new overly aggressive girls/women who freely discuss sexual topics with ease – just like men. Don’t you love how it helps to reduce most of the guesswork now??