Matt Update: A Marine Waiting on a Flight

I got my birthday wish!! WOOHOO!!! Matt is coming home on the 6th. No more waiting for chow for that Marine, he is out of there. Headed back home where he needs to be. A few days ago, I joked with Orange Gearle when she wished he could be home for the 4th. I said that it would be so great. But then I said that I would settle for the 6th, as a birthday wish for me. Well it looks like I got my wish granted, and Matt is supposed to be headed home Thursday. Orange Gearle gives an update on her blog.

A Marine ‘waiting around for chow’: the Final Chapter

So now the final chapter: A Marine Coming Home?

A brief overview for those that have missed the story: Matt was injured last August in Afghanistan. Shot twice in the leg. He was ordered back to Hawaii on November 11 (yes, Veteran’s Day) still in a wheelchair. Since he’s been there, he has gotten very little medical attention and when able, was even forced to purchase his own bicycle to get him to and from therapy. He hasn’t been getting his mail, and has been fairly isolated. On a positive note, since my first diary, he purchased a laptop and has been able to communicate via email and instant messaging. He calls our house, drunk, and tells us about the horrors of war. PTSD is most certainly present. They have him doing absolutely nothing. All he does is `wait around for chow’. No one disputes the fact that he needs a medical discharge, it just isn’t happening. My most recent call for help was asking people to write their congress critters. The current hold up has been waiting for a paper to get signed, releasing him of liability regarding his missing gear, so that he can finally come home. Kossacks and non-Kossacks alike responded in droves.

This evening (afternoon for him) I saw Matt get online. I instant messaged him and asked if he’d gotten his plane tickets. Honestly, it was a question asked in jest. Matt and I frequently begin our conversations in that manner. It keeps the mood light, despite all the chaos. His response was simply “Thursday”. Excited, I thought he meant that he would be receiving his tickets, or at least know more on Thursday. But as our conversation progressed I realized that he will be coming home on Thursday, July 6, 2006.

It worked, my friends. We got him home.

Thanks so much to all that have kept up with this story, and mailed those in Congress. This is just one case like this, and I do not wish to stop here. I will continue to fight for all that are “waiting for chow” and those in Iraq. Time to bring them home.

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4 Responses to Matt Update: A Marine Waiting on a Flight

  1. Donnie and Orange Gearle (if you’re out there),

    Wonderful news! Please keep us posted on how Matt is doing when he gets home. We’d all love to hear from him here.

  2. Pamela,

    I’m mailing her now to let her know I have the post up. She told me last night, but I had to promise to keep it to myself till she announced it. Talk about hard! But I could not post on it by the time it was done. I got suckered into going in to work today. So I had to close it down early last night. How you like the Irony about the birthday joke? Gonna make it a lot easier now, after I found out recently that I have the same birthday as Bush. IRONY!!!

  3. I have another secret. You’ll want to keep checking my blog Donnie. Trust me.

  4. Why Orange Gearle. You lil minx you, why do you tempt me so? I’ll watch for the info. You lil tease 😉