Protest at NSA Headquarters: 13 Cited or Violated?

Thirteen anti-war activists were cited Saturday, while protesting the NSA (You know, those protectors that listen in on your phone calls) at the headquarters, Fort Meade, of the agency violating your civil rights for George W. Bush. Those 13 of 25 that protested, refused to stop carrying signs. The NSA has violated the rights of America, so what is 13 more mere cases to add to the list. Why 13 activist and the violations of their civil rights, is to the NSA, like writing up Jeffery Dahmer for jay walking.

Thirteen anti-war activists were given citations Saturday for protesting outside the National Security Agency headquarters at Fort Meade.

An NSA security officer cited the activists for “entering into military facility for purposes prohibited by law” and ordered them to leave the area, protest organizers and an NSA spokesman said.

They were ordered to appear in U.S. District Court in Baltimore to be arraigned at a date to be announced.

Twenty-five people participated in the protest, but only 13 who refused to stop carrying signs were cited, said Max Obuszewski of the Pledge of Resistance – Baltimore, one of those cited. They carried a banner reading “NSA = Crime Scene” and other signs protesting the agency’s involvement in the war in Iraq.

The activists were stopped on a road near the NSA entrance that provides access to two museums that are open to the public, Obuszewski said.

“We were on, I would argue, public property,” he said. “Anybody could go there and get gasoline; anybody could go there and visit the two museums.”

Notice these words: “An NSA security officer cited the activists” and where they where according to Max Obuszewski.

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2 Responses to Protest at NSA Headquarters: 13 Cited or Violated?

  1. Well this is special on public property? What the?

  2. Yep it’s a crazy world we live in.