New Orleans Blogger Round Up

Schroeder at People Get Ready, covers the rebuilding in Broadmoor. Great write up, and an insight into what those outside our state don’t see.

People are doin’ it for themselves

Where was The Times-Picayune? The Associated Press was there. So was ABC 26 and Adam Nossiter of the New York Times. I hope I’m mistaken, but I didn’t see any other reporters there.

Among 73 official New Orleans neighborhoods, Broadmoor is now the only one with their own plan to rebuild. Lakeview paid for a rebuilding plan to be drafted, but Broadmoor hit the pavement and assembled what will be — no joke — the model for urban planners for decades to come. The incredible irony, and the cause for celebration, is that Broadmoor was one of the neighborhoods that Mayor Nagin’s Bring New Orleans Back Commission put a big green dot on top of.

BayouStJohnDavid at Moldy City speaks out about Mayor Nagin and what seems to be a lil cronyism.

Gambit Had a Great Editorial

Sixteen months ago:

Then, a few months ago, things started changing. Our mayor started acting just like all the others before him — in all the wrong ways. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he had started making intelligent political decisions. Instead, he’s just as dumb (politically) as he ever was, but now he’s doling out favors like an old-time ward heeler.

It started, oddly enough, with garbage cans. I should have suspected something was amiss right then and there because the official excuse for buying pricey garbage cans from a company with connections to the mayor’s right-hand guy was that these garbage cans would be bomb proof. Bomb proof!?? Who in the hell wants to blow up a garbage can in a city as hot and humid — or as thoroughly littered already — as New Orleans? But that was just the beginning.

The mayor followed that by awarding several other contracts to firms that were not the low bidders — and that also happened to be owned by folks with political connections

Ed Deevy at The Katrina Memo understands how goofy Bush’s behavior was this past weekend.

Our President at work…

This past weekend Bush was hamming it up on his bike in Russia while hell was breaking loose in the Middle East. And, as he munched down some food, he was overheard cursing the Syrians in a chat with Blair.

Some are saying that the President’s goofy behavior may have something to do with the stress of the job. He must be aware that American prestige is at an all-time low. I have the impression that he’s become disengaged from what’s going on around the world. There seems to be a sense of helplessness coming over the Presidency.

So check out those New Orleans bloggers, and let them know you care. Drop them a line and let them see that people still care. We cannot let last year fade away like it never happened. People down here are fighting to survive, and we shall not go down like that. You can also find a lot of links on those blogs.

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  1. Donnie

    These are great blogs – thank you. Will have to keep our eye on them.

  2. Pamela,

    There is another one that links here. I found his link here, after I had put the post up. If you look at the incoming links, it’s Realitique. I saw the name earlier on Lefty Blogs: Louisiana, and then after I had put the post up, I noticed the incoming link.