John Kerry: Because I was lucky

Pamela posted earlier about the Boston Globes article on John Kerry and The Pan-Massachusetts Challenge. This is the email that was sent out by John Kerry. This man knows no limits.

Because I was lucky

Dear Friend,

Saturday, I’m going on a long bike ride — with 4,500 other riders from 36 states. Following my 2003 bout with prostate cancer, I will be among the 200 or so riders who are cancer survivors.

Each of us will be sponsored by the donations of friends and family. And 99 cents out of every dollar we riders raise during the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge will go directly to the Jimmy Fund, which supports the life-saving cancer research of the Dana-Farber Institute.

At the fundraising training sessions for the event, they tell you to email your friends and ask for their help. But, I don’t suppose they realized I had three million friends in my email address book. Will you consider joining me in support of this very special charity?

I want to help John Kerry support the Jimmy Fund.

All I can tell you is that this ride means a great deal to me. If you’ve ever participated in a walk, run or ride for a cause you believe in, you know what a powerful and rewarding personal experience it can be. The Pan-Massachusetts Challenge is especially so.

It started out in 1980 when 36 riders took part and the event raised $10,200. Last year, those figures were 4,000 riders and $23 million. And this year, with your help, we expect to crush the goal of $24 million raised. The funds generated by this race now represent 50% of all money raised annually for the Jimmy Fund. Pretty remarkable, isn’t it?

I can hardly wait until early Saturday morning when I join thousands of fellow riders at the starting line in Sturbridge. There are several different routes, and the one I’ll be riding travels 111 miles to Bourne.

Because I care so much about this event and about the unbelievably important work that Dana-Farber does, I’m hoping you’ll sponsor me on my ride on Saturday by pledging either a total dollar amount or an amount per mile.

I want to help John Kerry support the Jimmy Fund.

Those of us who grew up in New England know all about the Jimmy Fund — a wonderful charity that has been long supported by people all across the region. My own memories go back to Ted Williams urging Red Sox fans to rally round children struggling with cancer.

I’ve helped the Jimmy Fund out by taking part in the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge twice before. Now, in a few days I will ride again as a cancer survivor, one who knows that others — including friends and family — weren’t so lucky. That makes this year’s Challenge even more special and anything you can do to help will be especially meaningful. Thanks for considering this invitation to join me in support of the Jimmy Fund.


John Kerry

P.S. The 5 people who come closest to guessing my time will win a free, autographed Pan-Massachusetts Challenge jersey. Click here to guess my time.

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4 Responses to John Kerry: Because I was lucky

  1. Donnie

    I love this line from you – “This man knows no limits.”

    He’s the Real Deal through and through. You got to have a lot of energy to keep up with him!

  2. He is all over the place. What a man. I cross posted it to my blog too.

  3. Teresa says:


    You angel. And I love your visits to my site.
    I think you get my sense of humor.

    And speaking of humor, I love the way JK can get ultra serious and inspiring, emotionally moving, and truly funny, all together. I’m absolutely at my limit with the sick humor of these last years. Where are the Weppinsh of mash deshtrukkshun?, for example. How much cheapness can a man take?

    Oh sweet lord, release me from this!

  4. Teresa

    Between you and Donnie there’s always levity around here. And we sure can use it!