Nation’s Governors closing ranks on Bush Federalization of National Guard

The nation’s Governors are closing ranks on Bush and a proposal in Congress to federalize the National Guard in case of emergencies. What makes this even more bizzare and scary, is that Bush cannot be trusted with any authority, and the fact of what might constitute an emergency in the eyes of his Royal Highness. Anyone that has the slightest memory of last year when Katrina came along and gutted a big portion of my state, will remember the emnity between Bush and Blanco because of the boy king wanting to have all the power.

The nation’s governors are closing ranks in opposition to a proposal in Congress that would let the president take control of the National Guard in emergencies without consent of governors.

The idea, spurred by the destruction and chaos that followed Hurricane Katrina’s landfall in Louisiana and Mississippi, is part of a House-passed version of the National Defense Authorization Act. It has not yet been agreed to by the Senate.

The measure would remove the currently required consent of governors for the federalization of the Guard, which is shared between the individual states and the federal government.

“Federalization just for the sake of federalization makes no sense,” said Gov. Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana, a Democrat who had rough relations with the Bush administration after the disaster last year. “You don’t need federalization to get federal troops. … Just making quick decisions can make things happen.” More

Taking away the command of local troops by this madman, can only lead up to no good. So what happens when this evil dictator and his henchmen consider dissent an emergency? Can you say POLICE STATE?

Update: Governors Wary of Change on Troops

The nation’s governors on Saturday launched a bipartisan drive to block a move to expand the president’s authority to take over National Guard troops in case of natural disaster or homeland security threats. More

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