Blogger Highlight: The Poetry Man

This is the first of what I will call Blogger Highlight. I will pick bloggers for their content and style to highlight here for the regulars to take a look at and see if you would like to see more of them here.

I will start this with a highlight of The Poetry Man. He sure knows how to use the graphics, and mix it with some poetry. Thanks to The Poetry Man for his permission to do the two highlights I have chosen to do on him. The first I one I picked says a lot in my mind.


WarHat by ThePoetryMam

This is my war hat, said the smirking man
To the searing concrete.
I’m a war president!
A war president!
War’s all I know!
All I know!

There is something in the stale braying
Of the man who hangs
Words `bout in dread
Who barks and yelps,
War War War War

This is the inane bray of an oafish bully
A pseudo-tyrant’s howl
A full on liar’s groan
I’m a war president!
A war president!
War’s all I know!

For all those countermand to peace
They’ve a king in him.

Copyright © 2006 mrp

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3 Responses to Blogger Highlight: The Poetry Man

  1. Donnie

    You are such a renaissance man! Great post – and the other one above. Thank you…

  2. thepoetryman says:


    Thank you my friend… Most humbled.

  3. Pamela, Who Me? 😉

    PoetryMan, It is you who needs to be thanked. Great work buddy.