The Battle for Congress: The Hearts and Minds of Voters

Today is a big day in the national journey of who will lead us the next 2 years. Primary day in Colorado and Conneticut will determine some important races. CD 7 in Colorado is a 3 way contest to determine the Democratic candidate. Ed Perlmutter is the likely winner and should be a good legislator for the Dems. Leiberman and Lamont will finally get past the only vote that counts today. In my mind, the results of these races are not as significant as turnout. At this point, Dems who don’t show up to vote are a huge concern. Continue reading

BP: More Reasons NOT to Open ANWR

The disclosure Monday that the Prudhoe Bay pipelines, operated and maintained by BP, are severely corroded; comes as a good warning for not allowing the oil companies access to ANWR. The pipes need to be replaced immediately because BP “had gone 14 years without using a device called a “pig” to clean out its lines because it did not believe it was necessary.” Continue reading