Defending Bobby: A Marine in trouble

This story will just plain make you cry. So I am giving a call out to all members of the military, past and present. Help defend Bobby!! A brother Marine is in need, and we need to raise some hell over this. This story is posted at the blog of a family friend of this Marine in distress.


Bobby and his niece before his third trip to Iraq.

The Iraq War is Tearing Lives Apart

I have written on this blog before about my son’s childhood buddy, Bobby. Lucas and Bobby were playmates from the age of five. Bobby lived in the house next door to ours until 3 years ago when we moved. Bobby’s parents have now moved away, too, but we keep in touch by e-mail. Bobby is a year older than Lucas. They spent winter holidays playing video games in their house or ours. They spent summers together playing Super Soaker, building forts in the woods, and doing the Slip n’ Slide in our very slopey back yard. They went to each others’ birthday parties–Lucas in June and Bobby near the 4th of July.

Bobby and Lucas were on the same Little League teams together and both of them spent a lot of time on the bench because they were not the greatest players–but they had fun. One of our Golden Retrievers stole Bobby’s brand new Nike shoe while he and Lucas played video games. Jebbie ran outside with it and buried it under our Japanese maple tree. It took us all afternoon to find it and Bobby was very forgiving because Bobby loved our dogs. He never had a dog of his own so he adopted ours. When we brought Apolo home on Mother’s Day in 2002, Bobby was in our back yard within minutes to cuddle our new puppy.

Bobby joined the Marines while a senior in high school after September 11. He wanted to serve his country and defend it from the threat of terrorism. Bobby is extremely bright–one of the smartest of all of Lucas’s friends, but he was willing to delay college to serve his country.

Please read the whole story and support Bobby. Semper Fi Bobby, I am calling in the troops.

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2 Responses to Defending Bobby: A Marine in trouble

  1. janet says:

    Oh! Whoa! Thank you for posting this. To me, Bobby is the face of this war. His story is the story of this tragedy.

  2. Janet,

    Those damn Marines just can’t keep quite can they? It is my pleasure to do this. I also have an update at my own blog. Active duty bloggers are coming to the call. Who says we can’t get along?

    Pamela, Janet is still getting put into the mod que everytime. How do we stop this?