John Kerry Gives a Stump Speech in MA

Editor’s Note: On Sunday, John Kerry was the guest at Democratic Party fundraiser in Lexington, MA. One of our readers EventualTruth, sent this recap of the Victory ’06 Lexington barbeque on Sunday August 13, to share with our readers:

First, compliments to the gracious hosts Derek and Alexis Brooks for having a great barbeque with plenty of food and drink, and a very special guest. They had rather short notice when asked if they would be hosts to the event, but came through with flying colors.

Mr. Brooks, during his introduction of the Senator, told the crowd of roughly 120 people that his backyard deck had been nonexistent up until the phone call from the Victory ’06 camp. He immediately called the contractors in to finish the deck so it would be ready for the barbeque in six days’time. (Senator Kerry joked later on in his speech that he would be available for parties if anybody needed any renovations done in a hurry.)

After the introduction, Kerry nimbly hopped onto an honest-to-goodness tree stump that was a leftover from the recent backyard renovation. This prompted him to remark that it was his very first time ever giving a literal stump speech.

All in all, the speech was very much off the cuff and relaxed. Kerry did mention Romney’s utterings about Iraq, and condemned them, saying that Romney has no idea what he is talking about and was completely wrong about staying the course – that he was being simplistic.

Recounting something a guest had said to him earlier about Dems not having a message, he kindly, but firmly corrected that misconception by saying that the Dems indeed have a message which is loud and clear;
Tell the truth, fire the incompetents, fix healthcare, become energy-independent, etc.

On a local level, Kerry urged all of us to keep fighting to get a Democratic governor elected, because after 20 years of incompetent Republicans in the Corner office, it was time for a change. He praised the efforts of volunteers and campaign workers, but cautioned that even though we had a great number of precinct captains already in place, many more were needed.

Kerry then segued nicely back into national politics by stressing the importance of electing Democratic governors and secretaries of state all across the country so we could be assured that all voters would be allowed to cast their ballot, and that all votes would be counted.

Senator Kerry closed with an apology, having to run out so quickly. He finished his speech with a conversation he had at the airport the previous day with the person checking his bags;

The checker had obviously recognized him and greeted him with the following;
‘Mr. President, hello! I voted for you and you should be president now. You’d do a much better job than Bush. But I do have to take your toothpaste, sir. That’s not allowed on the plane anymore. Please run for president again.’ (or something to that effect)

The whole crowd cheered and laughed at that, and the Senator was off.

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11 Responses to John Kerry Gives a Stump Speech in MA

  1. Awesome!!! Thanks for the post EventualTruth.

  2. Ginny in CO says:

    A genuine stump speech – from the Real Deal…

    Great comment from the checker.

    Please run again, sir.

  3. janet says:

    Oh my gosh–the stump remark made me laugh! Perhaps because I have a stump in my backyard and somehow picturing John Kerry standing on it is hilarious–I would so love that–John Kerry is my back yard!

  4. Teresa says:

    This is wonderful. He looks so relaxed. What a pleasure.

    I love the renovation remark. maybe this country will have to renovate to receive him in’08. Eh?

  5. {{{Teresa}}} Just look at that pic!! He looks so noble like a statue. I can just feel it, he’s going to run again.

  6. Teresa says:

    YES!! {{{{Donnie}}}}!

    I can’t help but like this man. He loves the road and all the people he meets. Way more than the DC bullshit, I think. That’s why he looks so good. I know he’s not finished with this yet.

  7. Teresa says:

    I also love his hands. The pic is great.

  8. pen says:

    This was really nice article. To think if you believed the beltway insiders the senator never goes home but for every 6 years.

    I wonder where momma T was?

    Anybody here anything about what momma T has been up to lately?

  9. Indie Liberal says:

    Hey pen,

    JK posted about her in his diary at Kos.

    “Thank you–

    thank you, she will be happy to know you were thinking of her. She reads blogs regularly, and as most of you know she’s been hard at work on women’s retirement security issues, prescription drug solutions, and the environment. She was in Colorado recently working with the CO AFL. She is planning on getting back on the campaign trail this fall as well.

    by John Kerry on Thu Aug 17, 2006 at 02:36:25 PM PDT”

  10. Indie Liberal

    Thanks! We all miss Momma T.

  11. Oh… and we’ve missed both you and Pen around here too! 🙂