Quote of the Day: Bush on the NSA Ruling

Commenting on the response to Judge Anna Diggs Taylor’s ruling on the NSA wiretapping, Bush came forward with this piece of irony:

Supporters of the decision don’t understand the world we live in.’

That’s true George. We do not understand the world you live in. It is a delusion we cannot wrap our reality oriented minds around.

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4 Responses to Quote of the Day: Bush on the NSA Ruling

  1. JamesSorrell says:

    Time for a “velvet” REVOLUTION!
    See—>>>”The Declaration of RE-Independence” on:


  2. janet says:

    I heard him say that! And my thought was exactly the same—“the world according to you.”

  3. DAS San Diego says:

    Why is there hardly any coverage on this historical ruling?! The cable news is doing wall-to-wall JonBenet analysis. I know mystery and murder are intriguing to some BUT there must be some analysis of this ruling. The public must understand the significance. AND OUR PARTY HAS TO IMMEDIATELY NOT ALLOW THE SAME OLD…”those who agree with the ruling don’t care about homeland security…” mantra to be replayed. Bush has already stated this line and of course we will continue to hear how this judge is a liberal…blah, blah… Once again smoke to cover the truth – The truth is that ALL Americans want to be safe and ALL Americans want leaders who follow the law. Even in the UK operation, laws had to be followed to gain court orders. WE HAVE TO SHOUT THIS & RELATED CLAIMS TO WAKE UP AMERICA! THEY HAVE TO BE TOLD IN EVERYDAY LANGUAGE WHY THEY SHOULD WANT A LEADER WHO RESPECTS THE RULE OF LAW…They have to see how it relates to and affects their lives.

  4. Ginny in CO says:


    Glen Greenwald had made a comment about this on an Air America show – he had just been reading the decision, went to a cable news channel and saw a red box on breaking news. Instead of being on the ruling, it was about Jon Benet.

    Living about 10 miles from the scene of the crime, I have been disgusted with the media reaction to it from the first few days. It is entirely too typical of the pre$$ focus since sometime in the 80’s. I went to the Denver Post home page today to write an LED about the cut in the Defense Budget for traumatic brain injury. There were links to 24 articles, a slide show and a video on Jon Benet. I could not find one on the TBI issue.

    The last blurb I heard today on the Jon Benet confession was that a lot of the information that was thought to be secret had made it onto the internet over the last decade.

    So, we are still in the dark about a lot of things we really have substantial info on, while there has been a large amount of wasted air and ink over a situation that is murky, and ultimately has to be decided in the courts.

    I agree we need to keep pushing this -ESPECIALLY that the UK does have warrant laws equal or more stringent than ours. The guy who filled in for Ed Shultz today (a lawyer..) admitted that he didn’t know English law but thought their warrant requirements were not as strict as ours. Their warrant for surveillance is very similar. AND they have a ‘property warrant’, which must be obtained if any physical changes or additions are made to the property in order to do the surveillance. Like a camera or microphone.

    Yeah, keep on talking, shouting, writing. The MSM won’t –
    bet on it.