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This is taken from what seems like so long ago, under the original name I came to The Dem Daily as. September 14, 2005, I said something that I believe now, as I did as a Republican at the time. I look back now, and see it as true today, as I did then. Imagine a Republican being quoted as saying this before the storms, and it would have been considered Mutiny. LOL I’m not so republican anymore am I?

I was told something about the “Deaniacs” before, but to bash the members of your own party, to have your chosen man of the hour take the lead role, is insane. Internal rifts are not what The Dems. need. Especially at this time with King George sitting on an unstable throne. Let each man make his case, and if he takes the lead in 2008, then so be it. I do feel that Kerry is a true contender still.

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