Support Our Veterans, Increase Funding for Traumatic Brain Injury.

USA Today broke the story of funding cuts for traumatic brain injury (TBI) research at the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center 2 weeks ago. The media response has been unusually abysmal – even in the perspective of the past decade or two of substandard journalism. When I went to write an LTE at the Denver Post Friday, I found 24 links on the home page to Jon Benet articles, plus a slide show and video. Googling produces no other current newspaper articles. TBI is a complex subject for TV to cover with any level of thoroughness. Continue reading

Zogby to Release Poll on Transparent Vote Counts Tuesday

The results of a Zogby poll on support for transparent vote counting commissioned by election law attorney Paul Lehto, are due to be released tomorrow to the press. Given the apalling track record of the MSM in reporting important information when anything more titillating is out there, Lehto is appealing to bloggers for help in getting the media to give these results the attention they deserve. Continue reading