Clinton: “RFK, Jr. Made A Very Persuasive Case”

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Not to dredge up all of this again, but since Robert Kennedy, Jr. first published his piece “Was the 2004 Election Stolen?” in Rolling Stone Magazine a few months ago, the debate about the role of Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, now running for governor, has been ongoing.

In the latest RS (which for the life of me, I can’t find a link anywhere, but here is the magazine’s home page), there’s a new story on Blackwell’s gutter tactics in the Ohio governor’s race, and how the vote may already be stacked against his challenger, Ted Strickland, a Democrat.

Also in the story is a box on p.44 about former President Bill Clinton’s response to the Kennedy article, which I found interesting:

In June we published Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s comprehensive analysis of voting fraud [RS 1002] and among those convinced by the piece was former President Bill Clinton. “I read Robert Kennedy’s article in Rolling Stone, and I think all of you should if you haven’t,” he recently urged the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. “Before I read it, I was convinced that President Bush had won Ohio…But I thought Robert Kennedy made a very persuasive case.” Clinton singled out Ohio’s secretary of state, Ken Blackwell, as the main culprit, calling him “a world-class expert in voter suppression” who did “everything he could to keep voters that he thought were Democrats from voting, in every way that he could.”

Again, it doesn’t “prove” anything, and I don’t quote Clinton too much these days anyway, but it is noteworthy when a former president all but declares the current occupant of the Oval Office to be illegitimate.

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3 Responses to Clinton: “RFK, Jr. Made A Very Persuasive Case”

  1. machsy says:

    I’m a disgrunted former Republican from Ohio that is hoping Blackwell gets creamed in November. By this ‘creamery’, good ‘ole Ken won’t get to hide behind his office for his misdeeds. Then, maybe we can send him to prison where he can start a ministry for other con men of his stripe.

    See how else this former Republican thinks about Ken ‘The Chiral Candidate’ Blackwell right here. Thanks.

  2. pen says:

    who is clinton think he’s kidding? I knew they stole Ohio and he knew it to. If he didn’t then he isn’t the most skillful pol of the dem party.

    He’s just trying to rev up the base for Hil and stick it to Kerry.

    Kerry got more votes than he did and I don’t see him pointing that out.

    I truly long for the day when the dem party kicks both CLintons out on their arse’s and move on.

  3. Ginny in CO says:


    We are always happy to welcome recovering Republicans here. Many of us have been there. Unlike alcohol and tobacco, you can fully recover and never be tempted again. 😉

    We can never count on anything, it’s a fight to the last in this race especially. The signs and polls are encouraging. As long as the voting machines and registration are not tampered with in spite of the control efforts, Ohio may turn an interesting shade of purple this year….