Zogby to Release Poll on Transparent Vote Counts Tuesday

The results of a Zogby poll on support for transparent vote counting commissioned by election law attorney Paul Lehto, are due to be released tomorrow to the press. Given the apalling track record of the MSM in reporting important information when anything more titillating is out there, Lehto is appealing to bloggers for help in getting the media to give these results the attention they deserve.

Why? Election protection is one of the biggest issues we face. After 3 national elections tainted with multiple charges of fraud and voter suppression, overwhelmingly done by Republicans at all levels; having a clean election this November hinges on voters realizing that it has happened here, and can happen again without enough safeguards.

Zogby’s results “came in even stronger than I had dared hope for.” Lehto writes on a DU Forum. And the results are overwhelming:

92% believe: Citizens have the right to view and obtain information about how election officials count votes.

Lehto notes the consistency of the results:

It doesn’t matter more than a few percentage points whether you’re black or white, hispanic or asian, republican or democrat or independent, catholic, protestant, jew, union or not, red state or blue state, very conservative or liberal, armed forces or nascar fan, walmart shopper or walmart boycotter, old or young, male or female, married or single, rich or poor. It just doesn’t matter what demographic you’re from because 86% is the lowest amount of support from any demographic and that’s the youngsters 18-24 who’re still in school (probably) and therefore “still learning.”

The other end of the spectrum from the 18- 24 year olds: “Watch out for Asian Americans and folks in civil unions where support for transparency is 100%.”

In a country as polarized and divided as the US has been for years, 92% agreement speaks to two things;

A lot of voters are aware of the problem.

-They don’t want it to continue.

This is a call to action. Contact your local media if they don’t run the story or if they do a lousy job of it. Send it out to your email list of activists. Contact your local election board. Anything that can promote the atmosphere that “the citizens are watching”.

On another aspect, the NYT has a story today Amateurs Get in on the Paparazzi Beat (subscription), reporting how cell phones with cameras are increasing ‘citizen journalism’. Better than a phone call to the cops or a paper, the cell phone photographs can become evidence. Here’s hoping that the fear of being caught on ‘candid cameras’ will stop some people from participating in voter fraud and other crimes.

I might even buy one.

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