Three Cheers for Kerry

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Firedoglake: (bolds mine)

Kerry has done the right thing before — he had the courage to lead the filibuster against Alito even though he knew all the hacks were going to accuse him of pandering to the base. I suppose that’s a bad thing in a world where you’re expected to be pandering to lobbyists, money and power, but Kerry now looks prophetic — Alito is a third-rate legal mind who owes his fealty to the fundies and Kerry’s actions will be well remembered both in the blogoshere and the history books. His decision to cut through the crap and forcefully call out Holy Joe for what he is doing will no doubt likewise serve his legacy well.”

Check out the graphic too. Sis, boom, bah!

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2 Responses to Three Cheers for Kerry

  1. mbk says:

    Be sure also to check the comments (some 360 the last time I checked). Comments by Chisholm , Emily, Valley Girl,Anne Sharkbabe, Sonoma, puppethead, Twisted Martini, Tisse, and silence is complicity have especially supportive and knowledgeable comments about JK.

  2. Teresa says:

    Kerry now looks prophetic.

    That’s what I always thought. I’m prophetic too sometimes. I predicted a huge rise for JK.
    Was I right?