Brownie, Heckuva

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I gotta admit to having a slight change of heart after reading this story “A Punch Line Who Refuses To Fade Away”. Maybe it’s just the preposterous idea here, or something, but the notion that the disgraced former FEMA Director “Michael D. Brown…in the midst of a Category 5 visibility blitz” to rehabilitate his reputation is, well, freakin’ hilarious.

“Mr. Brown says his reputation was unfairly battered over Hurricane Katrina, so he is speaking up in his own defense. He is also trying to build a consulting firm advising clients on issues relating to disaster preparedness — a notion some critics find curious, if not absurd.

“It’s really extraordinary,” said Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine. “Most people, when they have failed miserably in their jobs and are held up to public scorn, seek to avoid the spotlight. But he seems to have embraced the spotlight.”

But not Brownie. Not only is he consulting on disaster preparedness (one of his clients is actually St. Bernard’s Parish, with whom he’s consulting for free on how to secure federal monies for cleanup), but he’s fighting back against the smear machine that is the Bush Administration.

“People say, ‘We’re just surprised you didn’t go crawl under a rock somewhere and disappear,’” he said. In fact, he has been giving speeches, posing for photos (in Vanity Fair), going on television, giving interviews, hacking away at his critics. “I keep coming back,” Mr. Brown, 51, told Playboy magazine (the September “Return of the Girls Next Door” issue). “I’m their worst nightmare.” By “their,” he means the Bush administration.

“Mr. Brown has demeaned Mr. Bush as “a cheerleader,” declared that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff did not know “the first thing about running a disaster,” and called critics like Representative Gene Taylor, Democrat of Mississippi, “a little twerp” and Senator Norm Coleman, Republican of Minnesota, an unprintable vulgarity (both in Playboy).”

Wow. I can’t wait to read that issue [ahem, guffaw, harumph]. The thing is, though, he’s exactly right about every single one of the folks above.

“People recognize him in airports and restaurants with some frequency, he says. They squint at him in that Don’t-I-Know-You-From-Somewhere way. He gets occasional autograph requests. Some wise guys yell out “Brownie” ( which no one ever called him before Mr. Bush tagged him with the nickname). They tell him he’s doing a heckuva job.”

Only in America. I’m not ready to declare a moratorium on Brownie bashing yet, but at least the guy is out their fighting back against the Bully Administration.

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3 Responses to Brownie, Heckuva

  1. Todd

    I dunno know, is there really any redemption for Brownie. It kinda floors me that the guy had no disaster experience and then he bungled one and thinks that’s a qualification. I do give him credit for standing up to BushCo though.

  2. Brownie does not even need to think about mercy down here. After all, the idiot did call us dysfuctional!! He tried to push all the blame off on our state, knowing how bad they had botched it up. Then he wants people to feel sorry for him after that? To hell with him.

    Todd, here is where I posted on Taylor firing back at him. Mississippi Congressman fires back at Michael Brown

  3. Donnie, believe me, I still find the guy to be reprehensible. After watching Spike Lee’s documentary on Katrina, it really is amazing the guy isn’t living under a rock some where. However, as the article and the documentary mentioned, he wasn’t quite the doofus that he was portrayed to be by the Bushies. He *did* warn them that more needed to be done to prepare, but Chertoff (who Lee’s documentary really points the finger at) and Bush were asleep at the ranch.

    I agree Pamela, he deserves some kind of kudos for firing back against his former bosses. But it’s a bit like choosing to root for the lesser of two evils in this case.