Fact Check: “Them Illegals”

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Kudos to the NYT for finally putting a story and some faces with the phenomenon of illegal immigrants being targeted by our own homegrown criminals:

“Robberies of illegal immigrants have become a serious problem here in recent years, and the victims, mostly from Guatemala, often avoid reporting the crimes, fearing deportation. Predators know that Guatemalans often carry cash in their shoes or underwear because they do not trust banks, police officials said, and that if they are in the United States illegally, they often lack the documentation needed to open accounts. They are frequently attacked on Friday nights, the police said, after they have cashed their paychecks.”

And while it’s “Guats” in Florida, it’s Mexicans in Georgia, and Haitians in New York. This is one of the dirty secrets about the illegal immigration debate and all the chest-thumping rhetoric by the conservative, Minutemen, “get them illegals” crowd.

Most undocumented workers aren’t coming here committing crimes…they’re coming here and being victimized by our own “law abidin’ U.S. citizens”. As I’ve written time and again, this is a serious problem for law enforcement.

As the one Captain is quoted as saying in the article, “They’re being preyed upon because they’re easy victims. They don’t fight back. They’re very modest people, and they’re afraid of the police.” And law enforcements hands are tied, since very few can press charges or will even report their victimization to begin with. And the criminals (the “legal” kind) know this.

Remind me again: which group is it that’s “destroying the fabric of American culture”?

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  1. Thanks Todd. This needs to be told.