Fox News Reporters Convert to Islam

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The two kidnapped Faux News reporters held hostage for two weeks in the Gaza Strip converted to Islam to gain their release.

Centanni recalled the trauma of the ordeal, being held at one stage in a garage, and said he and Wiig were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint.

“I’m thinking ‘oh God, a remote warehouse with a big noisy generator, they could simply shoot me in the head and nobody would hear it’,” Centanni said.

“I have the highest respect for Islam … but it was something we felt we had to do because they had the guns and we didn’t know what the hell was going on.”

I guess after they learned that the beliefs of the fundamentalists extremist Muslims are not much different than the beliefs of fundamentalist extremist Christian American Taliban who make up the base of the current Republican party and devote Faux News viewers, they understood converting wouldn’t change their core beliefs much?

In the videotape released earlier on Sunday, Centanni and Wiig were shown separately sitting cross-legged, reading statements announcing that they had converted to Islam. At times in the video they were wearing long Arab robes.

“I changed my name to Khaled. I have embraced Islam and say the word Allah,” Centanni said.

John Moody, a Fox senior vice president, said he was not aware of any conditions agreed for the release of the reporters, although the video appeared to play a factor.

“I’m not sure about the reliability of what was said on that video,” Moody said on the Fox Channel.

I know we will now see these Faux reporters attacked even more vehemently by the right-wing Christians, Faux News and the rest of the right-wing echo chamber than they attacked Jill Carroll, the Christian Science Monitor reporter held hostage for almost 3 months in Iraq, even though she never renounced her religion and converted. Uh yeah right…

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5 Responses to Fox News Reporters Convert to Islam

  1. Obviously I wouldn’t blame anyone for doing what they did to save their lives. But the hypocrisy of reporters from the most Christian Faux News being the ones to do it was just way to good to pass up. 🙂

  2. Dave from Princeton

    Looking into the barrel of a gun, people do tend to be easily swayed. 😉

  3. Yup. I sure would but then again I’m an Atheist, so it would be totally meaningless to me, as all the religions are. Though if you’re a devout Christian, I would think you should definitely be willing to die rather than convert or it means you really don’t have “faith”, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t that be a one way ticket to hell? I mean if you saw Mel’s Christian gore and snuff film, look what poor Jesus went through for their sins.

    BTW, I just updated the “In the videotape” url to play the actual video…

  4. Dave from Princeton

    Of course they did this under duress. It’s a not real conversion.

    And no I never saw Gibson’s film, but there was certainly a lot of gore in that era that has been glorified in films like the Gladiator.