Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!!

No More Iraq
Picture From A Perfect World

Impeach and Imprison the Bush crime family. The road to peace and a stable world starts here. Stand up and let your voice be heard, and take back our country from those that wish to rape our Constitution. The Eagle is flying low, and people like “Buckshot Cheney” have their sights on it. Don’t let them replace our Majestic Eagle with their version of the national bird, “The Chicken Hawk.”

They want to wage war and do it for profit and idealology, but will never know what it is to be a real soldier. They will keep their own out of harms way, while they send your loved ones to fight their private war. They call it a war on terror, but if that was true, then why do they not care about capturing the terrorist that attacked America?

Conservative Compassion? Forget it, that is a farce. Kind of like torturing people, and claiming to be GOD Fearing Christians! I must have overlooked that passage in the bible that speaks of willing inflicting of pain upon other members of our species. Maybe the False Prophet that is George Bush can explain to me why he thinks that torture is a valid form of Christian living!

This Former Marine, and Former Republican, sees right through the smoke screen. Go blow your smoke up someone else’s ass. You and the rest of your minions, are the real threat to our country. I must say that you and your cabal are about as welcome to making war decisions and getting them right, as a vampire is welcome to giving me a BJ!! Start screaming the word, IMPEACH!

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4 Responses to Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!!

  1. Donnie

    So… what’s on your mind this morning? 😉

  2. Sorry for the wording Pamela, but I am dealing with Katrina that we just had the anniversary of and now this month, there are other milestones. A little background to set the mood if you will. I go into September after the anniversary of Katrina. Then I start September with some other facts:

    Sept 06, 1986: We buried my murdered brother that was missing for 14 months.

    Sept. 09, 1986: I left and showed up at MCRD in San Diego, for Marine Bootcamp.

    Sept. 10, 1986: The birthday of my murdered brother.

    Sept. 08, 2005: The anniversay of my finding The Democratic Daily.

    Sept. 22, 2005: Rita is coming at us.

    There is a lot more, but that seems to tell a story.

  3. Donnie

    What wording? 😉

  4. Nick says:

    Nothing will come from impeaching Bush. First, we don’t have the votes to do it. Second, Even if we win the majority in the Senate we don’t have the votes to convict.
    Third even if we did have the votes to convict how does this phrase sound to you? “President Cheney!”