One Down…

Blair Says He’ll Resign Within Year:

LONDON – Prime Minister Tony Blair reluctantly promised Thursday to resign within a year, hoping that revealing a general timeframe for his departure will appease critics who are calling for him to step down. “I would have preferred to do this in my own way,” Blair said.

One To Go…

Bush Challenges Congress: Give Me What I Want Or Else:

“Mr. Bush had more than one agenda at work when he announced on Wednesday that the country should “wait no longer” to bring to trial those seized by the C.I.A. and accused of planning the Sept. 11 attacks. He is trying to rebuff a Supreme Court that visibly angered him in June when it ruled that his procedures for interrogation and trials violated both the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions. And he is trying to divert voters from the morass of Iraq and to revive the emotionally potent question of what powers the president should be able to use to defend the country.”

It will be interesting to see, once the House and Senate are back in the hands of Democrats, whether Bush’s latest admission to criminal culpability regarding these secret prisons will find itself into an article of impeachment.

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2 Responses to One Down…

  1. Ginny in CO says:

    If Tony hadn’t done it Bush’s way, he wouldn’t be in this fix.

  2. sandrakae says:

    He gave a years notice. This is bullshit. He needs to give a 2 week notice and get the f$%ck out.