Laura Ingraham – Today’s Worst Person in the World (A Tribute to Keith Olbermann)

I’ve always liked Keith Olbermann (and I’ll like him even more when when his producers stop making him talk about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Linsday Lohan). But I’ve been so impressed with Keith’s statements about Rumsfeld, Bush, and the phony Neville Chamberlin comparisons that in tribute to Keith, I now-belatedly-nominate right-wing bomb thrower Laura Ingraham and Washington husckets/pundits as today’s Worst Person’s in the World

Back in June of 2005, Ingraham derided Kerry voters as “not regular people.” To back up her claim Ingraham said that Bush had won a majority of voters making between $23,000-$50,000. While median household income for 2004 was about $43,000, and 56% of American households made less than $50,000 (but were only 45% of actual voters in 2004) Ingraham’s assertions were not only insulting, they were also easily disproven-by a simple Internet search.

Not only did Kerry beat Bush 63%-36% among voters from sub-15K households, he also beat Bush 58%-42% and either 50%-49% or 51%-48% (I’ve seen conflicting figures) among the 15K-30K and 30K-50K household income groups respectively.

As noted by Rad Geek in a letter to “Dear Democrats”:

“No, that’s not just a regional dynamic. No, poor people still don’t elect Republicans in red states. Bush lost the South (49%-50%), the Midwest (44%-56%), the Northeast (65%-34%) and the West (47%-52%) among voters making $50,000/year or less. If only people making $50,000/year or less had voted, John Kerry would have picked up Ohio, Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, Missouri, Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia, and Louisiana and South Carolina would have been too close to call…. In fact, if it were held only for people making $100,000/year or less, John Kerry still would have beaten George Bush, 51%-49%.

“So, my dear Blue State Democrats, it wasn’t Joe Sixpack or the American working-class or Bubba down yonder who was responsible for the late unpleasantness. If you want to find someone to blame, don’t blame them, and don’t blame the Democrats for not knowing how to connect with them. If you’re a white dude living in a comfortable suburban neighborhood, blame your neighbors, your boss, and your dad.”

I’ll even give Ingraham the benefit of the doubt and ask what would’ve happened if only voters making between 30K-50K voted?

The Answer: While Kerry would’ve lost Oregon and Washington, he would’ve won the popular vote and added Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Iowa, and Missouri-good for a net gain of 52 EV and 304 total EVs. So the middle class voted Democrat after all-and even gave Kerry a greater percent of their votes than Bill Clinton or Al Gore.

Laura Ingraham and political hucksters/pundits who claim that Democrats have lost the middle class-today’s worst person’s in the world.икони

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  1. Nick

    As all always breaking it down to show the truth. Thanks! Olbermann rocks doesn’t he!