Bon Jovi: Giving Love a Good Name

Jon Bon Jovi showed his heart, and came to the land of The Katrinacrat. Showing what a big heart he has. He not only donated $1 million to Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network after Hurricane Katrina, but he hand delivered the keys to people that reside on “Bon Jovi Boulevard” in the Bayou Blue community. Hats off to the hero that is Jon Bon Jovi! Thank you so much Jon, and may life bless you even more. You are an example to the country.

Jon Bon Jovi said south Louisiana’s hurricane victims share an agony unknown to anyone else, but he’s doing what he can to help.

The rock star strutted down a local street Sunday afternoon to hand-deliver house keys to 18 families who will move into homes built through a $1 million donation he made to Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network after Hurricane Katrina.
The musician’s visit gave residents of the Bayou Blue community’s Bon Jovi Boulevard an unexpected chance to personally thank the roadway’s namesake for their new homes.
“I didn’t expect him to come,” said Angela Graham, who plans to move her family this week into her Bon Jovi Boulevard home. “It was good to hug him and tell him thank you and let him know how grateful we are.”

The band Bon Jovi and the nonprofit Angel Network worked with Bayou Area Habitat for Humanity to sponsor 28 homes in the Bayou Blue community. The homes are going to hurricane victims, including those from Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes.
“You put a face to the devastation and you see the desperate mothers, fathers, and grandparents, and you want to make a difference,” Bon Jovi said. “I’m a firm believer in actions speak louder than words.”

The rocker visited the Bayou Blue neighborhood this weekend to tape a segment to be aired later this month on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” Staff with the Angel Network said the exact air date hasn’t been determined yet. The show will

feature Bon Jovi surprising local families with their house keys.

The families live on Bon Jovi Boulevard, which seemed to please the rock star, said Jeanne Autin, executive director of Bayou Area Habitat.

The Bayou Blue location is considered to be “a real jewel” by Ken Meinert, senior vice president of Operation Home Delivery, Habitat for Humanity International’s hurricane-relief project.

The Angel Network neighborhood is part of Bayou Area Habitat’s “Building Blitz on the Bayou,” the group’s campaign to build 100 homes in Terrebonne and Lafourche for hurricane victims by the end of this year. The organization has 54 homes completed or under construction in Bayou Blue, including the 28 sponsored by Bon Jovi and the Angel Network. The site, near the intersection of La. 316 and Bayou Blue Bypass Road, is one of Habitat International’s first large hurricane-relief projects, said national Habitat leaders.

As with any Habitat home, the families must pay for the homes and work a certain number of hours building them, Autin said.

Ken Meinert, senior vice president of Operation Home Delivery, Habitat for Humanity International’s hurricane-relief project, said the organization has 412 homes completed or under construction along the Gulf Coast in partnership with hurricane-affected families. The group plans to reach 1,000 homes by next year, Meinart said.

Of Habitat’s 20 hurricane-relief sites, “this is a real jewel,” Meinert said of the Bayou Blue location. The site has drawn about 1,500 volunteers so far, with out-of-state and foreign teams receiving critical help from local groups.

NOTE: Registration is free at the link given at the local paper.

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5 Responses to Bon Jovi: Giving Love a Good Name

  1. Donnie

    Good news on a day of remembering. Thank you for this post.

  2. Pamela,

    This was good news to me too. I also have to say that I had to smile as I drove in town today, and saw all the flags at full staff. With the exception of the gubment stuff, most have not taken to the so called Patriot Day BS by Bush. The city hall and Parish gov. that is getting on my nerves did, but I was refreshed to see that no one else fell for it. Fire stations did not fall in line, and I had to laugh!

    Maybe some are waking up and seeing this for what it really is. Nice to give good news on this day, instead of having to beat someone over the head with the truth. But then again, there is still time!

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  4. Rhonda Foret says:

    HOUMA, LOUISIANA loves Jon Bon Jovi!

  5. Rhonda Foret Says:
    July 29th, 2007 at 1:29 am edit

    “HOUMA, LOUISIANA loves Jon Bon Jovi!”

    Yes we do Rhonda, yes we do. Have you been to it yet? I need to stop off and take some pictures one day. It is just beautiful.