Bush Reading Program Gets Failing Grade

Surprise, surprise. I’m shocked. SHOCKED I SAY!

Yet another goverment program finally comes to light that the Bush administration and GOP have totally politicized and used as nothing more than as means to enrich themselves by using their currently unbridled power to steal money from our country, directing our tax dollars to their crony backers. They always get big kickbacks of course. Though the GOP refers to them as donations by supporters to their party and candidates.

A scorching internal review of the Bush administration’s billion-dollar-a-year reading program says the Education Department ignored the law and ethical standards to steer money how it wanted.

The government audit is unsparing in its view that the Reading First program has been beset by conflicts of interest and willful mismanagement. It suggests the department broke the law by trying to dictate which curriculum schools must use.

It also depicts a program in which review panels were stacked with people who shared the director’s views, and in which only favored publishers of reading curricula could get money.

~I have to warn everyone. I feel some big rants coming over the weekend on a few subjects: The current Republican Party (though referring to it as a political party has been repeatedly proven by their deeds to be, as the GOP would put it a “quaint” description of that organization). Other rants will likely concern their enablers (AKA GOP voters/supporters and wonderful “liberal” MSM). I now return your monitor to the rest of the usual GOP partisan corruption…~

In one e-mail, the director told a staff member to come down hard on a company he didn’t support, according to the report released Friday by the department’s inspector general.

“They are trying to crash our party and we need to beat the (expletive deleted) out of them in front of all the other would-be party crashers who are standing on the front lawn waiting to see how we welcome these dirt bags,” the program director wrote, the report says.

That official, Chris Doherty, is resigning in the coming days, department spokeswoman Katherine McLane said Friday. Asked if his quitting was in response to the report, she said only that Doherty is returning to the private sector after five years at the agency. Doherty declined to comment.

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings pledged to swiftly adopt all the audit’s recommendations. She also pledged a review of every Reading First grant her agency has approved.

“When something undermines the credibility of this department, or the standing of any program, I’m going to spring into action,” Spellings told The Associated Press.

Boy was I relieved when I read that. Now that they can no longer hide this one any more, Spelling will jump into action! Is there anybody except the droolers and MSM who actually still believes this GOP garbage?

Reading First aims to help young children read through scientifically proven programs, and the department considers it a jewel of No Child Left Behind, Bush’s education law. Just this week, a separate review found the effort is helping schools raise achievement.

But from the start, the program has been dogged by accusations of impropriety, leading to several ongoing audits. The new report from the Office of Inspector General — an independent arm of the Education Department — calls into question the program’s credibility.

The ranking Democrat on the House education committee was furious.

“They should fire everyone who was involved in this,” said Rep. George Miller (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif. “This was not an accident, this was not an oversight. This was an intentional effort to corrupt the process.”

No just firing GOP scum does nothing. What does that do to them? These creatures just laugh about that stuff. It means nothing happened to them and they got way with everything. Why do you think they keep repeatedly doing it? If caught, they just slither back into the private sector once again to make millions via their GOP government contacts. Then later they’ll just slither back into GOP government again. Rinse and repeat, ad infinitum.

Oops sorry, a tiny bit of the coming rants seems to have leaked out in this post, huh…

The report does not name Doherty, referring to him as the Reading First director.

It says he repeatedly used his influence to steer money toward states that used a reading approach he favored, called Direct Instruction, or DI. In one case, the report says, he was told a review panel was stacked with people who backed that program.

“That’s the funniest part — yes!” he responded in e-mail dating to 2002. “You know the line from Casablanca, ‘I am SHOCKED that there is gambling going on in this establishment!’ Well, ‘I am SHOCKED that there are pro-DI people on this panel!'”

Spellings took issue with the use of such e-mails in the audit. She said they could be used to draw unfair conclusions about a person’s intentions.

The inspector general rejected that. It said the e-mails were written by Doherty in his role as director, and there is no evidence they were inaccurate or pulled out of context.

Yes, I agree Ms. Spellings. It is very unfair to show a Republican hack’s actual words in context. Because people may “draw unfair conclusions about a person’s intentions”. Of course “unfair conclusions” in GOP speak translates in English to mean “obvious correct conclusions”. Which is of course is very unfair to them!

You can read the rest of the article here.

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9 Responses to Bush Reading Program Gets Failing Grade

  1. WOW! Our freakin education system hard at work! NOT!

    There are no jewels in NCLB – it’s leaving more and more behind. I’ve watched my daughter’s hugh school go from being in the top 20 in the country to below the top 150 in 3 1/2 years.

    Keep the rants coming Dave!

  2. sandrakae says:

    God, I’m such a bitch. My first thought when I read this headline was: An illiterate has a reading program?

  3. Ginny Cotts says:

    Hey, Dave,

    How many times do I have to remind you to keep your fingers out of the light sockets?? Shock can be dangerous.

    Really, what do you expect from people who want to prove public education is no good so vouchers will be approved?

    And how could we really know for sure they are Republicons if they didn’t make money doing it??

    If people dont want others drawing unfair conclusions about their intentions – they should learn how to write stuff they are sending to their minions so they CANNOT be misinterpreted. It is possible. If you are willing to miss some tee times and work on it.

    We’d rather they go on being obvious enough the droolers can get it.

  4. Sandrakae

    Your comment qualifies as the laugh of the day!

  5. Rant on my friend, rant on!! I too am shocked, well not really. If you look at anything the Bush crime family has done, you can see the consistant reverse in logic. For example, they want to go back in time just the same way, with the space program. Newer shuttles were thought of, and now the morons want to fall back on old blue prints to go back to the moon. Learning in reverse seems to be the norm with this crew.

    You also have to look at how the “No child left behind” gag went, considering that the idiot I am so ashamed of, David Vitter of Louisiana, saw fit to insert the lil item about school districts giving info for military recruiting purposes, on students without the permission of the parents. Then to make it worse, no one ever mentioned the option to opt out. Not that it matters to them even if you do!

  6. fedup says:

    My son is a teacher and you don’t even want to hear what he says about NCLB (#$%&*((^&%$#$^*}he hates it. He is a history teacher, and can’t teach the kids half the stuff they really need to know about history. Of course Bush could care less if kids learned real history.

    On a side note:Last weekend 2 students got shot, one died from his school, nowhere near school grounds. Of course the media were at the school 24/7 and on Tuesday morning 4 days after the shootings the media approached my son for a comment his answer “no comment”, he said enough is enough. Metal detectors went up that Monday morning and they were 2 hours late starting their first class. My son had called me and said his principal had done something that was just outright wrong. While the kids were in line waiting to go through the metal detector the principal picked certain kids out of line (all white kids}and let them enter without going through the detector. My son hung his head in shame, he really respected his principal,no more. He wonders what will be next, bars on the windows, barbed wire surrounding the building. You wonder why kids refer to school as a prison.

    Then I told him about a “Strip Search Law in schools” they passed in congress the other day on a VOICE vote. My son said “I’m not a cop, I’m a teacher, when the hell are they going to let us just do our job to educate fully and inspire kids to learn.”

  7. FedUp

    ““Strip Search Law in schools” they passed in congress the other day on a VOICE vote.”

    How did I miss this? This passed in COngress when?

  8. fedup says:

    Here is the info on it. Looks like it was used as a political tool to help a GOP congressman’s election. Who would of thought? 🙄


    House Approves Strip Search Bill
    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    A bill approved by the U.S. House yesterday would require school districts around the country to establish policies making it easier for teachers and school officials to conduct wide scale searches of students. These searches could take the form of pat-downs, bag searches, or strip searches depending on how administrators interpret the law.

    The Student Teacher Safety Act of 2006 (HR 5295) would require any school receiving federal funding–essentially every public school–to adopt policies allowing teachers and school officials to conduct random, warrantless searches of every student, at any time, on the flimsiest of pretexts. Saying they suspect that one student might have drugs could give officials the authority to search every student in the building.

    DPA supporters and others who opposed this outrageous bill called their members of Congress this week to express their disapproval. However, House leaders circumvented the usual legislative procedure to bring the bill to a quick vote. It did not pass through the committee process, but went straight to the House floor. There, it was passed by a simple voice vote, so constituents cannot even find out how their Representative voted.

    The bill moves next to the Senate, but it is unlikely to be considered there this session.

    Bill Piper, DPA’s director of national affairs, said, “It looks like this bill was rushed to the House floor to help out the sponsor, Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY/4th), who is in a tight re-election race. This vote lets him say he’s getting things done in Washington. But I would be surprised to see a similar push in the Senate.”

    HR 5295 is opposed in its current form by several groups, including the Drug Policy Alliance, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the ACLU, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Parent Teacher Association, the American Association of School Administrators, and the National School Boards Association.

    DPA will be watching the bill so that if and when it does come up again, this wide array of opponents can mobilize to stop it.

  9. Ginny Cotts says:


    I just opened “Broken Branch” last night. It’s on the breakdown of Congress by a conservative and a liberal.

    EXCELLENT – and I’m only 30 pages into it. This is a classic example of violation of the rules and the principles the founders based the legislative branch on.

    Well, as George Washington explained to Thomas Jefferson, the purpose of the Senate was the same as pouring your coffee (or tea into the saucer to drink it – it cools it down. (A practice long since abandoned so not many realize that was the purpose of saucers). Outrageous legislation from the House could be cooled off in the Senate.

    Back to ‘The Branch’. This should be required reading for all the congressional candidates. Not only to win the elections but also to understand what needs to be done to get Congress to work more effectively.