The Katrinacrat Outs Himself

As time has passed during this last year, some may have wondered as to who is the Katrinacrat. So I will come out the dark, and let those people see me. I did have one pic posted in the comments here one time, and I had to blush after the comments. 😉 So this is the person that has chosen to fight the GOP. Trained and commited to upholding the Constitution. It was my vow then, and it is my vow now. Someone better put on their seatbelts, because I am coming after you.

I am looking at local politics, and someone has made me angry! Clayton Voisin, I am coming after you! Next time, it will be me you have to deal with. Sheriff Larpenter, the same as I mentioned to Voisin. To the rest, don’t let your guard down, I am after your job.

So if you want to see the Katrinacrat, here you go: Front and center. Not hiding out like some else we know!


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5 Responses to The Katrinacrat Outs Himself

  1. Uh oh – someone is fighting mad! 🙂

  2. I am ready to kick some ass!! Who will be the first in line? I will make an example of someone. Clayton, I will make you that example! Beware, I am coming for you and plan to take you down!

  3. Sounds like someone is a tad upset with one member of the Terrebonne Parish Council, among others. 😉

  4. Donnie

    I hear things are heating up for Stacey down there. Good news. Take good care of our friend Stuart when he gets there!

  5. I will have Stacey and Stuart’s back! Get this, the idiot I mentioned was part of the council that chose to redo the rules on people speaking at the meetings. Then the dude had the gall to get mad after he was denied talking in favor of a tax during a meeting at tax payer expense.

    If that was not bad enough, the idiot wrote a letter to the council members wanting the chairman to resign over it. He got a dose of what he wanted, and then cried foul. That SOB is out of control and has a mockery of the council along with others there.