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Rice Challenges Clinton on Terror Fight:

“Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice challenged former President Clinton’s claim that he did more than many of his conservative critics to pursue Osama bin Laden, and she accused President Bush’s predecessor of leaving no comprehensive plan to fight al-Qaida.

“What we did in the eight months was at least as aggressive as what the Clinton administration did in the preceding years,” Rice said Monday during a meeting with editors and reporters at the New York Post.

Er, no, not even close. The record is clearly in Clinton’s favor on this, as they repeatedly waged a campaign to get bin Laden between 1996 and 2000. In fact, during 1998, after the embassies were bombed in Kenya and Tanzania, Clinton ordered missile strikes against Afghanistan, which took out several top al-Qaeda leaders (narrowly missing bin Laden). What was the Republican congressional response?

*Wag the Dog*.

Wanna see how serious Clinton took the threat? Read his address to the nation the evening he launched the missile attacks, August 20, 1998.

“The groups associated with [Osama bin Laden] come from diverse places, but share a hatred for democracy, a fanatical glorification of violence, and a horrible distortion of their religion to justify the murder of innocents. They have made the United States their adversary precisely because of what we stand for and what we stand against. Their mission is murder. And their history is bloody.

“When our very national security is challenged…we must take extraordinary steps to protect the safety of our citizens. With compelling evidence that the bin Laden network of terrorist groups was planning to mount further attacks against Americans and other freedom-loving people, I decided America must act.”

And so forth. Again, the Republican response? *Wag the Dog*

Apparently, an intern’s semen-stained dress was considered more of a threat to national security than the al-Qaeda terrorist network, as outlined by Clinton. But considering that Secretary of State Rice thought Saddam Hussein to be a “threat in the form of a mushroom cloud”, her distortion of the past isn’t all that surprising.

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