So Iraq Really Is Vietnam All Over Again

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Woodward: Kissinger Advising Bush on War:

Henry Kissinger has been advising President Bush and Vice President Cheney about Iraq, telling them that “victory is the only meaningful exit strategy,” author and journalist Bob Woodward said. The Washington Post editor’s third book on the Bush administration, “State of Denial,” comes out next week.

Woodward argues that Kissinger, who served in the Nixon and Ford administrations, has been telling Bush and Cheney that “in Iraq, he declared very simply, ‘Victory is the only meaningful exit strategy.'”

Says Woodward: “This is so fascinating. Kissinger’s fighting the Vietnam War again because, in his view, the problem in Vietnam was we lost our will.”

I’m not sure whether to launch a cryptic LOL or WTF? or perhaps OMG! at this point.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, according to other reports about Woodward’s new book. In addition he claims:

* the White House purposely and explicitly ignored warnings of the growing insurgency in 2003;

* Andrew Card tried to engineer Rumsfeld’s removal in a putsch that failed in ’05;

* the president’s parents were scared of the invasion, Poppy Bush being “up nights, losing sleep” over his son’s march towards war;

* Bush has had to force Rumsfeld to return Condi Rice’s phone calls;

* Cheney likes to call people at 3am to rattle their cages

Y’know, I’d given up on Woodward as being nothing more than administration hack and suck up (which his first two “Bush At War” books are; my father pronounced the first one “the work of a brown-nose apostate”). But he seems to have redeemed himself. Or something has pissed him off, one or the other.

Either way, kudos Bob. If ever the country needed hard-headed investigative reporting of the Nixon, er, Bush administration, it’s now.

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5 Responses to So Iraq Really Is Vietnam All Over Again

  1. mbk says:

    I’ve still pretty much given up on Woodward– I think he’s thoroughly enmeshed with the Washington establishment– but I consider it a good sign that he’s finally taking these stands. To me, it’s a sign that the Beltway power balance is finally shifting.

  2. Ginny Cotts says:

    Bob Woodward’s code of work: Follow the Money.

  3. BlueWashington says:

    God help us! Kissinger is advising shrub and shooter?

    How screwed up can this mess really get.

    BTW, this is a talking point out there in the campaign.

  4. BlueW

    My thoughts exactly. Kissinger. WTF?

  5. Ginny Cotts says:

    “shrub and shooter” 😆

    Maybe Henry should be ‘kisser’?