Quote of the Day, 9/29/06

On Air America’s Politically Direct with David Bender, CT Senate candidate Ned Lamont said “Don’t confuse experience with judgement”. I am really glad Bender caught that and commented since it was in the middle of a complex statement and could easily have been lost.

Bender also had an interview with Phil Angelides, CA Democratic Gubernatorial candidate. I had not heard much about him except a gripe from some disappointed CA Dem who thinks Phil is too flat and boring. The guy I heard was anything but. Excellent comments on Bush using the NG in Iraq and Ahnold using them for border patrol. He has a darn good line about being the ‘natural’ candidate – his body being proof. 😆

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One Response to Quote of the Day, 9/29/06

  1. Ginny

    Phil Angelides is far from flat and boring. Arhnold is trying hard to woo the liberals – it is nauseating. He’s got to go.