Fox News is Unbelievable…..

Fox News is unbelievable….. From “Eat the Press” on HuffingtonPost, Brad Friedman of Brad Blog nails Fox News for mis-labeling Mark Foley a Democrat:

“O’Reilly Factor” Labels Mark Foley As Democrat

It’s just a misplaced letter, but what a misplaced letter: Swapping a “D” for an “R” last night, Fox News and “The O’Reilly Factor” labeled disgraced pedophile Congressman Mark Foley, longtime Republican, as a Democrat. Courtesy of TVNewser, here’s a clip; apparently it happened a number of times over the course of the broadcast, though they deleted the reference for the rerun (which, let’s face it, still gets plenty of viewers). As O’Reilly railed against Foley and his actions — entirely appropriately, and as he has done previously — the visual message to his viewers was that the perpetrator of these heinous crimes against children was a Democrat. This comes at a time when Republicans are desperately fighting the perception that they permissively allowed Foley to go about his business (and his “business“) on the hill, and that they are no longer the party of upright moral values.

Now, blaming O’Reilly for this is, of course, ridiculous: During a live show, he is obviously not the one at the controls. However, it’s a pretty grave error and one that has Democrats steamed. BradBlog reports that though the “D-FL” was scrubbed for the rerun no explanation was given and, from the screenshot, the actual correction was not made; instead of being designated “R” the screen was left blank. Errors happen, of course; it’s how the follow up is dealt with that really shows stripes. How O’Reilly handles this on the air tonight will provide some indication to how “fair” and “balanced” a position Fox is willing to take on this.

But wait, that’s not all — AP did the same thing

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3 Responses to Fox News is Unbelievable…..

  1. johng says:

    He’s not the only one trying to spin this, druggie limbaugh made the same mistake or (if you want to call it a mistake) at least once in the past two days. These guys are shameless and will do anything to keep the power.

  2. Ginny Cotts says:

    Just ‘a mistake’ ???

    The only thing that comes close to this stupid an excuse is

    ‘The dog ate my homework’

    Which is not really even close.

  3. Ginny Cotts says:

    Just for grins and giggles (something we all have deficiencies of)

    My daughter once had a home work incident. The last page of a 3 or 5 page paper was missing. We searched and hunted.

    She turned it in – on time- with a clear dog foot print, including claw holes, on the last page. I think we put a note on it about “Maple gives this paper an ‘A’ ” 🙂

    The teacher loved it, but I dont think she agreed with the paw grade.