The Party of Criminals And Sex Perverts

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Now they want you to believe that sexual orientation, aka “them queers”, is what made Mark Foley do what he did.

First it was Foley’s ludicrous assertion that alcohol made him do it (a slam to drunks everywhere), then it was the Catholic Church (smearing the millions of catlicks throughout the country), and now it’s “I’m gay”. And right on cue, here come the gay bashers out of the woodwork, trying to spin “Predatorgate” into another homophobic diatribe and rally the Republican Qaeda.

The Times notes this morning that the harbringer of virtue and morality himself, Pat Buchanan, got the ball rolling the other night “when he announced on MSNBC that “there’s a proclivity” toward child abuse among homosexuals. “Is it a coincidence that 90 percent of the victims of the priests and the other folks who abuse those altar boys and others, 90 percent of the victims were boys, 90 percent of the perpetrators were men?” he asked.

No, it’s not a “coincidence”, Patty, because your numbers are wrong. As the Times editorial blithely notes “What Mr. Foley did was not about his sexual orientation. Anyone who imagines that gay men pose a particular threat to American children need only contemplate the grisly crimes recently perpetrated on young girls in schoolhouse assaults by psychotic heterosexuals.”

In fact, most pedophiles don’t have a sexual orientation, and most male pedophiles molest both boys and girls equally. Technically, if asked to pigeonhole a pedophile, most psychologists who study this problem would link pedophiles as heterosexual in nature. And as the link above notes too, by definition, Foley doesn’t sound so much like a pedophile as he does a hebephile, who are adults attracted to pubescent adolescents (teens who have reached puberty) as opposed to pre-pubescent children.

But don’t let a few facts get in the way. Buchanan’s outright lies are just the tip of the iceberg. As Ornicus points out, Tony “psycho” Perkins and his Family Research Council released a press statement that said “We are all shocked by this spectacle of aberrant sexual behavior, but we shouldn’t be. This is the end result of a society that rejects sexual restraints in the name of diversity.”

Er, “diversity” caused this? Tolerance caused this? Sounds to me like Republicans in Congress caused this, Tony, and that sexual orientation or “diversity” doesn’t have squat to do with it.

Even David Brooks tries to obfuscate the issue of sexual orientation and politics by ignorantly attempting to link Foley’s abysmal and very much real behavior, with a scene from Eve Ensler’s play “The Vagina Monologues”. The scene, involving the “sexual awakening” of a 16 year old girl and with an older woman, was originally written with the girl as 13 years old. Brooks says that the “liberal” audiences who attend this play “roar in approval” over this scene, but somehow are aghast when a Republican “congressman flirts with a page.”

Incredible. Apparently David Brooks is unable to differentiate real life (Foley) from fantasy (a play). But if I were a Republican right about now, I’d be confusing the two as well.

That this “scandal” is eventually going to focus on several gay staffers at the congressional level (as predicted by Lawrence O’Donnell last night on Joe Scarborough), shows that the Republican party, the party of criminals and sex perverts, will no doubt return to its roots and use the same issue it’s used the last three election cycles to hold on to power: get the queers.

But I’m beginning to think not even gay bashing is going to save this stinking ship of fools.

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6 Responses to The Party of Criminals And Sex Perverts

  1. janet says:

    What about all of the female victims of rape? Since heterosexual men rape women then all heterosexual men are rapists??!!

  2. janet says:

    Thank you for this post because sexual orientation is a complete red herring here. What we have is a sexual predator using his power over those without power.

  3. Ginny Cotts says:


    ‘Get the queers’ – to hold on to the power, is so typical it is predictable. You almost have to wonder if THEY held on to this until they really needed it. There are so many signs. The mislabeling of Foley as a Democrat on FOX and by AP…Then Fox rerunning the story sans the Democrat label but withOUT a Republicon label

    Being a sexual mentor to a young person of the same or opposite sex has been going on for millenia. It is not intended to be a means of initiating a sexual relationship, but to help the newly hormonal adolescent make sense of the raging emotions and feelings- how dangerous they can be and how to express them in safe and positive ways.

    I remember an example of this in “Out of Africa” with Meryl Streep being approached by a young woman who was having a terrible time with what she felt and how the culture/society was telling her she should feel.

    I still emphatically believe that preadolescents need to learn about biological sex AND sexuality as a crucial part of human life and relationships. To my knowledge, the leader, and still one of the few examples, has been the Unitarian-Universalist Religious Education program.

    There simply is no comparing the heterosexual perverted sex and pornography with homosexual. If for no other reason than the homosexuals have had a far greated sentence of evil and ugly on them than heteros. It is the denigration of anything and everything sexual that leads to perverted immagination and behavior.

    Depression, which often accompanies homosexuality and abusive child rearing, is another huge contributor to perverted sexual fantasies that a depressed individual may no longer have the judgement or be too apathetic to control them.

    Until these root causes are addressed, we will not make any significant progress in the statistics.

  4. johng says:

    I have been amazed today listing to the radio, hearing how tolerant the right has become to the gay life stlye. Two years ago it was a shameless crime, today we must reach out and help these people. The Republican party has become the party of absolute lies, rewrite the laws as we need and help our friends build there check books up. When will the rest of America wake up and see what these guys are all about ? I am more convinced then ever, that to be a Republican you have to be week minded and you have to be told what to think and not how to think. I am amazed they have any base left at all.

  5. Buzz says:

    As a 62 year old gay male I am, unfortunately, a member of the last American minority group which remains politically correct to hate. How can the “born again” nuts get away with their daily portrayal of gays as pedophiles? Statistics clearly prove that hetrosexual men acount for the majority of youth sex crimes. How can a U.S. Senator running for re-election, Senator Santorum, equate homosexuality with beastiality? How can the discriminatory military policy of “don’t ask, dont’t tell”, be permitted to continue? How can the fully disproved theory that homosexuality is a choice receive continuing validity? If being gay was simply a choice, there would be no gays. No one would logically “choose” a lifestyle which often makes their life a living hell–if they were truly able to choose.
    I just finished a book called, “The Sins of Scripture–Exposing the Bible’s Texts of Hate to Reveal the God of Love” by Reverend John Shelby Spong. This excellent book shows how the meaning of Biblical texts have been taken out of context and used for centuries to justify hatred towards women, blacks, jews, and of course gays. It should be required reading for all “born again” christians starting with President Bush! The hate coming from today’s pulpits has contributed to suicide remaining the leading cause of death among gay teenagers and the upswing in gay hate crimes. It just amazes me that Jerry Falwell and Pat Robetson can sleep well at night knowing that they figuratively have the blood of gay American’s on their hands. This book clearly demonstrates that the often used phrase, “hate the sin, not the sinner”, is a total cop out used to justify and rationalize the continued relegation of gay’s to second class citizenry!

  6. Ginny Cotts says:


    Thanks for your comments and the book mention. I think that is one I will have to add to my never ending list.

    I’m afraid the only answer I have is, they get away with this crap the same way they get away with all their other hypocritical talk versus actions.

    -They repeat it often enough people begin to think there must be some truth to it – or are at least afraid to speak against it.

    -The news media lets them do it. No questions, no contradictions; any more than they screened or challenged the Swift boaters. Why?? Job security and $.

    And the thing that truly keeps me hopeful on the gay issues is that more Americans have polled in favor of gay rights and freedom from discrimination than support it. I think Javelin pointed out the 61% majority coming up time and again. There are still 39% of the diehard fundamentalists who can’t deal with the world we live in today.

    Meanwhile, my children’s generations are far more open to gays as normal people than even the Boomers. The Gen Xers are not activists but there are larger percentages that have gay friends and are supportive of gay rights. The Millenials are activisists and have a much stronger and more open support. (Keep in mind, I am talking percentages.)

    Ultimately, I see this going backward to the Boomers; whose children are more involved with openly gay friends and who, if gay, are more likely to live openly and refuse to pretend in any way to protect their parents.

    There is still a long ways to go, it doesn’t change the progress we have made. To wit:

    The San Francisco Unitarian Universalist Church just called a gay minister. He and his partner are adoptive parents – of five boys. They were first approached seven years ago and every time they were offered another chance to take in a child they agreed. One was the infant brother of the first child they adopted. The last two were brothers that they took in at the same time. The dads are white, the boys are black. They are turning upside down a multitude of claims and assertions the Dobson’s, Falwells, Weyrich’s and others keep making.

    We shall overcome – some day.