Storming the Bastille

Rise up and take notice of the king that wishes to bring us back to former times. A king that wishes to dismiss those of us with French heritage. Giving no consideration to us while they renamed all things that were French. We people that are of that heritage, were swamped with a message that went against our very heritage. Yet there was no outrage against it! We are of French heritage, and we revel in it. So why was there not any outcry about it? Because they told us that the French became enemies? Since when? I can’t speak for the rest of my state, but we love and adore our traditions and heritage.

We shall not take this lightly. The Bush administration has taken a side against the French. Is it any wonder that after Katrina and Rita, those French areas with the heavy Creole populations fell prey to the late responses from the Federal Government? This is not just about the poor and the blacks that fell prey to this, but it has to do with the heavy Democratic areas. Blacks down here, like the American Natives, fell prey to the late coming of the U.S. government. Likewise, so did the whites that are of French heritage. You have made it clear that you don’t like us! In return, we shall Storm The Bastille!!

Our Bastille shall be the polls on November 7th. Rise up and fight back Louisiana, and storm the Bastille on November 7th. Get some payback, and make sure we have a voice in DC! Make no mistake about it, the Republicans don’t care who you are, and they don’t care about your next meal. Get out the vote!!

And remember that we are a National Ethnic Group as per Roach V. Dresser Industries Valve and Instrument Division in 1980. Which I wonder if Bushco can be taken to account for these actions. Any Lawyers out there want to take this on?

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