The truth about us southern folks

With everything going haywire these days, I have to think back to days that were not involved in the everyday hype of this morbid display we have today. I did not grow up knowing about politics, nor did I know about not having black friends. My friends came to visit, and that was that. I grew up in a bayou commmunity that knew one thing, friends and family are everything. We laughed together, and we cried together. When someone died, we all mourned! When someone was born, we all rejoiced! Till this day, I can go back down the bayou I grew up on, and people recognize me.

The blacks were a part of our social life, and were pretty much a part of our lives in general. There was no need to duck for cover, because we did not have the stigma then. We had them in our lives like they had us in their lives. We did live together. Somewhere along the line, something happened, and we split apart. We lost that connection we once had.

I think it happened during the Clinton times, and they thought that we did not care. I was away during those times, and cannot be sure. But we do still care, and I hope my brothers and sisters will realize that.

We can only learn hatred and racism through what we see and learn in our youth. We can learn to turn our backs against it as adults. Learn to love and care, because it is our hope for the future. Keeping the hope alive, and wishing for peace!

But there are those, that wish to keep the waters stirred up! You George W. Bush are not a Southron Gentleman, and you are not Southron at all. You are not from here, and you sir are not a Gentleman! In the old days, I would be able to challenge you to a duel. But given the fact that you sir are no gentleman or southron for that matter, I have no choice but to sit by and see you degrade the south.

Make no mistakes about it, if you were a gentelman per se, I would have your ass out front and center! Make no mistakes about it, you sir are no asset to this country, nor a reason to celebrate. Do my state a favor, and don’t come back!! You are poison, and everyone knows it.

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