Don’t forget the Democratic Daily

It is so wonderful to have the blog up at! I see all the familiar faces posting over there, and some great “defenses” against the trolls. They may be clueless, but by rejecting them with sound logic and righteous rebuttal, we set the tone for ’08 and maybe even turn some people over to the good guys (wasn’t Donnie a Republican at one point? See, it works!)

Anyways, back to the point. I am sure I am not alone in saying that the DD has kept my sanity over the last half of a year. I am also sure there are some die-hards that have been surviving on this and other JK friendly outlets longer. Let’s not forget Pamela, Ginny, Ron, etc. etc for keeping the flame flickering and the embers hot until we got some fresh firewood straight from the #1 source of inspiration. Thanks to all those who have kept and will continue to keep this site active and indispensible.

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7 Responses to Don’t forget the Democratic Daily

  1. Javelin,

    Yes I was, and I came out of the storms to The Democratic Daily. My home away from home if you will.

    PS I added a link for you to the JK blog.

  2. Ginny Cotts says:

    Thank you Javelin,

    We have all been in the trouble with sanity boat and the Dem Daily has been a great outlet to constructively manage it.

    Thanks to Donnie too. Check your emails!

  3. johng says:

    No way, This has been the light that has kept the JK dream alive for 2008. I think it is great to have the JK blog back, but The Dem. Daily is what grassroots movement is all about.

  4. MH says:

    Absolutely, Javelin.

    I’ve been pretty wrapped up between work and a hot congressional race, and other local party stuff, but I have been checking the DD regularly and intend to keep doing so. This is a great blog and I really appreciate it.

    I still remember when kerrygoddess rescued me from DailyKos to the precursor of DD. It definitely was a shining beacon for me!

    Kudos to everyone who works so hard at this blog. I am sure you won’t be forgotten!

  5. Dotti Janiak says:


    Long Live “The Dem Daily!”

    A big thank you. I learn from Pamela and all the terrific bloggers here at DD — my first experience as an on-line reader/commentor happened here sometime after the 2004 election — and I’m so grateful for this “home with like-minded individuals.” Even though I’m not quite up on all the politics, I feel comfortable visitng here on a daily basis, and then working to keep JK’s message alive in whatever way possible from my little corner of the world.

  6. Forget the Dem Daily??? Impossible!

  7. The Dem Who?

    Thank you Javelin… Thanks everyone… 🙂

    I like to think we’re growing mightier by the day here at the Dem Daily, providing not just a haven for Kerry supporters, but also a good deal of news each day.

    And, I’ll also add the Dem Daily is here because of each of you.