Howard Dean: Take the Day Off

Howard Dean has emailed the DNC list requesting commitments to take Election Day off to help the Dems win big. No one who is reasonably conscious and of competent mental status could be unaware of how portentous this midterm election is. We have 28 days to make that change for the good.

The issues are immense. Iraq, Afghanistan, National Security, everything veteran, economy, health care, the GOP scandals, Bush’s signing statements, NSA surveillance, torture and lack of oversight. Regaining at least the House of Representatives is essential and appears likely. Even the Senate is not out of reasonable possibility. The GOP is in it’s worst position of every poll than it has been in years. For those of us who have been trying to get to this reversal of the political pendulum for decades, it is no time to stand back and watch. We have seen defeat handed to us from the jaws of victory too many times.

It all hinges on the vote 11/7: the machines, the turnout, and the choices the voters make.

Dean lays it on the line:

Four weeks from today, what will you be doing?

On November 7th, America will vote. All the polls say that people have had enough. We’re poised to win historic victories up and down the ballot — but only if we follow through and make it happen.

So we’re doing something we’ve never done before.

We’re asking every Democrat who can do so to take the day off from work on Election Day to be part of our 50-State Turnout operation.

If you commit to taking the day off on Tuesday, November 7th, our staff will commit to making sure you have the resources and contacts you need to spend a full day immersed in our democracy.

We’re asking now so that you have plenty of time to make arrangements. Whether you’re new to politics or a seasoned volunteer, if you can afford to spend all or part of Election Day working to elect Democrats, tell us here:

This final-day push will be the final piece of our 50-State Turnout operation. The first piece happened this past weekend, when we had an incredible series of events.

In every single state we had important volunteer events that connected people on the ground and got everyone to work.

It’s all part of the broadest get-out-the-vote operation that our party has attempted in a generation.

In past election years, when the party focused on a few battleground states and abandoned candidates everywhere else, we would not have been in a position to turn growing Democratic support in the polls down the homestretch into victory on Election Day.

But thanks to the 50-state strategy, we’ve been in local communities over the past year-and-a-half building the infrastructure and networks of volunteers necessary to win.

No matter where you live, there is important work you can do that will directly affect this election. Let us know if you can afford to spend all or part of Election Day making democracy happen:

If you can spend one day of your time working for Democrats, we can win this.

When we do, we’ll finally have some leaders who will spend their time working for the American people.

Thank you.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

Four weeks from today I will be serving as an Election Judge for my precinct. I will be working GOTV efforts before then. Dean’s 50 State Strategy has been the best investment of money and effort I could have wanted from the DNC. I firmly believe it will pay off in this national mood of reform beyond the best expectations. As long as we support it. The GOP’s legendary GOTV machine has defeated us before. This year we not only have our own built up, they are in trouble with every sector of their party making the GOP turnout a question mark for the first time in decades.

There are local campaigns you can join, the commitment site may be the best place to find out where you can be the most help. However you choose to join this battle to change our future from dismal to hopeful is fine.

The time to join is now. No excuses, no regrets.

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6 Responses to Howard Dean: Take the Day Off

  1. MH says:

    Good one Howard. And way to go, Ginny!

    I take every Election Day off from work to work at the polls (I am an inspector so Ginny outranks me, lol). This year I signed up a volunteer to work with me, who is also taking the day off from work to do it. I was so excited when he said he would! It seems most people either can’t or won’t consider the possibility. Maybe with Howard’s appeal, now more people will think to do it.

  2. Take today off? Oh no not today, election day. Good idea.

    I’m sort of taking today off, however… playing computer geek with a new printer.

  3. Ginny Cotts says:


    A new toyl? I coined that with my first laptop – toy + tool.
    They are so much fun, until you have to quit playing and use them to do work… They do make the work easier though 🙂

  4. Ginny

    A large new toyl. In the midst of installing it it seems my hard drive on my work puter is having issues.

  5. Ginny Cotts says:


    I thought Murphy was working OT with the GOPers (for a change). Not that he’s particular.

    I’m trying to work with the touch pad on the keyboard cuz I forgot to charge the mouse. 😕 Probably should quit playing and get back to the chores…

  6. Ginny

    Murphy, who’s law screws things up sometimes works with tech thingies too. My puter had an issue too.