Newt Gingrich, Our Beacon Of Hope In 2006?

I just wanted to pause and thank our old friend Newt Gingrich, that light in the tunnel of political darkness, who once declared that the people of our nation owed it to themselves to elect men and women in Congress that would shake things up. He may be vilified by people on both sides of the aisle today, but he helped enact the biggest sweeping change in the Congress that we have seen in, well, forever. Even now we have to witness and respect those newly elected Congress members for their fiscally conservative ideas that in some part produced the first budget surplus in, well, also forever.

But what I write of today is not about the distant past of banner years in the 90’s; it is about today and the election that takes place less than 30 days from now. It’s about a Gingrich who once pulled off a stunning defeat of the incumbants, but who now uses his wisdom to once again change the face of Washington. If we listen to recent wisdom from this politically charged entity, we will once again see the face of Washington change, and the subsequent “heads will roll” attitude seen in the late 90’s as a result.

Don’t worry fellow progressives, I haven’t lost it. Nor is it the “October Suprise” where all the Dem bloggers turn into right-wing neocons. What I’m talking about is how Newt framed the ’06 elections for the Dems in two simple words last spring. When he was asked what was the best slogan for a Democratic run to end the GOP’s stranglehold on the federal government, he must have either had a change of heart (unlikely) or finally backlashed against his own party. He uttered two simple words: “Had enough?”

Despise him? Yes. Blame him? Absolutely! But if you ignore what he said last spring, you lose the most powerful weapon we have going into the home stretch of 2006. “Had Enough?” is the short, powerful, attention getting statement that can win votes, make the other side waste their precious dollars and time fighting stigmas burned into the minds of undecided voters, and cause the GOP to backbite each other. In other words, what they’ve done to the Dem’s in recent elections.

Two words. Straight to the point. A Katrina-sized can of worms opened and displayed with less than one second of airtime, signtime, or discussion time.

I am a firm believer in the words of Senator John Kerry (I intend to host an archive of them in the near future). The man has said words that in the long term can insure that our country moves forward and empowers everyday citizens such as us to live our lives to the fullest. But there’s only a few days left, and unfortunately the ability to win the heart and souls of the undecided with talking points and debates is almost over. For once I’m going to go against my heart, and recommend words from another, a GOP’er, God forgive me. It’s not too late to win votes from the independent and Republican-leaning voters, but the message has got to be strong, brief and effective. By uttering these words consistently and constantly, we question every mistep, lie, and greed-driven decision made by the Republicans over the last 6 years. It implores people that the window of inopportunity the other side has kept wedged open needs to be closed up now, and fresh faces with fresh ideas are needed to once again give back to America what it deserves. It’s OUR time; time for us to see what we can do in the next 12 years.

Thanks again, Newt! Everytime I run into an undecided voter for the next month, I’m going to pose your question, and then simply move on to the next undecided voter. I urge you all to do the same. “Had Enough?”. Absolutely.

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