Michigan Congressional Candidate Sharon Renier is Outspent 45 to 1

“Why are they bringing in Cheney against some little chicken farmer?” asked Sharon Renier, referring to herself, “Are they worried?”

The race in Michigan’s 7th Congressional District to replace incumbent moderate Republican Joe Schwartz is turning out to be competitive after all, according to recent polling reported in a good blog post at MyDD.

Schwartz was defeated in 5-way race in the August 8 primary by former state representative and minister Tim Walberg. Walberg received over a million dollars from the shady Club for Growth” (where do they get all their dough?) and Schwartz has filed complaints on nine separate counts with the Federal Election Commission. A lot of moderate Republicans oppose Walberg and will cast a retaliatory vote for Sharon Renier because of Walberg’s never-compromise right-wing record in the State House and his association with the slippery Club for Growth, which targets moderate Republicans.

According to the Adrian Daily Telegram, Walberg has outspent Sharon Renier 45 to 1. Sharon Renier says she is broke and I believe her. I live in the 7th District and I am yet to see a bumper sticker, lawn sign, or newspaper ad with her name on it. No TV, no radio, either. The Walberg campaign recently brought in Dick Cheney for a $250 a plate fundraiser, which netted about $150,000. Sharon Renier recently had a coffee and cake social fundraiser with a suggested donation of $7.

Again, according to the Telegram,

“There aren’t many areas where Walberg and Renier agree. Walberg made his “100 percent pro-life” position a key plank of his primary campaign against Schwarz; she believes abortion should be legal. He supports drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; she opposes it. He supports President Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security; she opposes it. He supports the president on Iraq; she says the war there has made the world more dangerous, not safer. He supports a constitutional ban on gay marriage; she says the government shouldn’t get involved in defining marriage.”

Sharon Renier’s campaign is badly under-funded. Both the state and national Democratic Party seem to have written off her chances (too soon) and sent money elsewhere.

The demographics of this district are changing and the Democrats could win. I’ve seen Sharon Renier described as “earthy,” and “a little quirky,” but I’ve never seen or heard her described as a liar, or a crook, or a fool. I hope some will reconsider what used to be thought the impossible and decide to contribute to Sharon Renier’s campaign and vote for her on November 7.

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2 Responses to Michigan Congressional Candidate Sharon Renier is Outspent 45 to 1

  1. John

    Great post showing some underfunded potential.

  2. Ginny Cotts says:

    Thanks John. My ususal token donation but more than her fundraiser 😉