Barack Attack

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In case you’ve missed it, Senator Barack Obama has been everywhere this week, hocking his new book “The Audacity of Hope” and copping, among other media outlets, the cover of Time Magazine.

In the article, my favorite Time doofus Joe “Patsy” Klein summarizes Obama’s book rather negatively, despite glowing protestations otherwise. He counts more than 50 “on the other hands” which Obama uese when discussing issues.

One can see this as bright intelligence (which it is), or one can see this as more Third Way, triangulation nonsense which ultimately stands for nothing.

What I like about Obama is his call for an end to “Baby Boomer politics”. At 45, Obama is at the front end of Generation X (1960-1979), and as a member of said generation, I concur. With all due apologies to the Baby Boomers reading, their slide from idealized youth in the 60’s and 70’s to middle age neocons in the 80’s and 90’s, was disappointing at best. Obama describes their politics as “highly moralistic and personal, dividing people between who is good and who is bad” and I agree there isn’t much use in it.

But am I ready for a president I could call “dude” when I met him? And does this country need more triangulating Clintonese, especially in times like this with a war raging and madmen with nuclear devices springing up like kudzu?

And do you think for a second the Boomers would cede power to some young “whipper snapper” like Obama? They’ve only been in control of the White House for 12 years, after all. Their parent’s generation (the “Greatest”, 1900-1925) held 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from Kennedy through the first Bush, more than 30 years. I don’t think we can write off the Boomers just yet.

One more reason not consider Obama at this point: David Brooks thinks he “should run for president” because “he is not an orthodox liberal.” Whatever that is.

If conservatives like Brooks are shilling for Obama, now clearly isn’t the right time. But I look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

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3 Responses to Barack Attack

  1. Marjorie G says:

    I am not a believer, but he is very effective. At the Take Back America conference, I saw him for the first time. Delivering what he wants to say in parable form, eliciting emotion, down to the bit lip. He’s a healer, and at about the time we’re ready to be positive and less divisive, he will run.

    Just because he is self-consciously building that persona, doesn’t mean it won’t work. Anything that will raech out to many is a good thing.

    That said, I don’t think we’ve been bad at the reaching out. We’ve lost on the electoral mechanics, gerrymandering emphasis on red states, and those darned disenfrachisement techniques. Very hardball techniques.

    The media can hyperventilate all they want about message minutia, although getting the facts out would help. The lack of an organized party in between elections has hurt us the most.

    Let’s stop waiting for the new messiah.

  2. pen says:

    Another book from the great orator so he can dress down those of us who are not wearing our values and religion on our sleeves every day. Just what the world needs another 1 term senator or less running for president.

    Don’t get me wrong as an African American I was glad to see a brother give such a wonderful keynote speech at the dem convention in 04 but once he got in the senate obama has gone down hill for me.

    Like lieberman and hillary he wants to have things both ways. He thinks he can just walk into the party and talk down to the other in the room about their faults.

    No I’m not sold on barak at all and he better learn the ropes instead of letting Oprah, the msm, and pundits tell him he’s the shinning hope and run for pres.

    We don’t need a new great hope; this country needs somebody with some common sense, foreign and domestic expertise, and a willingness to think on their own without polls or puppet masters. Sounds like Kerry to me.

    Between the msm promoting bill clinton as the savoir for the dems in 06 and barak the hope in 08 its enough to make a person sick.

  3. Connie says:

    Pure and simple — the man has the charisma and the resonant voice of a good orator, and may someday be ready to lead our nation, but he’s not ready now. I’ve watched him make some poor judgment calls, because he just didn’t understand the reason why there’s the conflict in congress. It isn’t because these two sides have lost their ability to be civil as so many of the pundits would have us believe, it’s because of the truly regressive and harmful programs being put forth and endorsed by the repubs now. This conflict can’t be papered over with nice words; the harmful ideas and their proponents must be exposed and be replaced with ideas and programs which benefit our people. Both sides can work together again when we halt this outrageous march to the radical right, before we lose our democracy. Why don’t they see the urgency for America to wake up. This isn’t like any other time in America! Kerry understands this.