Loyalty and what it means

I know this might not mean much to some people, but I know what loyalty is and plan to always keep it close to my heart. When I first showed up at The Democratic Daily, I was a Republican that was already having problems with the party. I was having a fit over the lack of response to Hurricane Katrina, and the people at The Democratic Daily took me in and did not hold it against me that I was a Republican, and admitted to that fact. Pamela talked to me and asked me to let them know what was really going on down here. Not only that, but she let me do some guest post as a REPUBLICAN!! Now can you believe that? That’s right folks, I was not only a Republican, but Pamela allowed me to do guest blogs on a liberal site!

Then something happened that none of us could have ever imagined. Hurricane Rita came along, and once again I was right there in the projected path. Pamela and the rest could only wonder what was going to happen. That is till I mentioned to them to do a search of where I was from! Then I got bombarded with mails about getting out! It looked like it was coming for us, and I must admit that I did get worried for a while. What ended up happening was that I lost contact for a while and when I did get in touch, you could almost hear the sigh of relief. Pamela told them that “he is on” and you could almost hear the celebration!

What happened after, is almost a blur. Pamela did a post about Rita and me being on the ground. How many blogs can claim to have a man on the ground in the storm area? It was at that time that I snapped and lost control of what I thought of the Republicans. I have talked about it before, but this is the first time that I have gone into detail about what helped me keep it together. My Grandmother was hysterical and I had to stay with her. But I knew that I did the right thing in being friends with The Democratic Daily, and revolting against the party that shunned me and my people.

It was this blog that took me in and made friends with me, and it was at this very site that The Katrinacrat was born. Thank you Pamela and The Dem Daily. It was Pamela that taught me to blog. It was Pamela that taught me to tone down the hatred I showed in my post. I do have to question her on that one though. I know we have to be civil, but those people deserve it!! But I will behave myself.

Thank you Pamela and the rest at The Democratic Daily. You have a friend that knows loyalty. You have a Former Marine and Former Republican that is willing to fight for you. You have the heart of The Katrinacrat!

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5 Responses to Loyalty and what it means

  1. Teresa says:


  2. {{Teresa}} Where you been girl?

  3. Ginny Cotts says:


    I think you are the best thing we have done for ourselves here at the Dem Daily.

    There have been other situations with conservatives where we tried to reach out, discuss and accept the differences while reaching consensus in some areas. No one else responded as you did.

    Obviously the rude awakening of two hurricanes helped. Others have had rude awakenings too. They haven’t come anywhere near as far as you have – not just blogging here but starting your own blog.

    For all you’ve done for the Iraq vets, I cannot begin to thank you. You have become a fighter and a gentleman – no easy journey – and it will produce even more effective results.

    Thanks for joining us and putting your heart and loyalty so solidly behind The Dem Daily. It means a lot more than I can say.

    Kerry On Katrinacrat !!!


  4. KJ says:

    {{{Donnie & His Grandma & Their Courage}}}

  5. Hiya KJ!! What’s going on?