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Man, 20, Arrested in Stadium Threat Hoax:

Ok, you know the story: “A 20-year-old Wisconsin man was arrested Friday and charged with posting messages on Internet chat boards threatening that radioactive “dirty bombs” would go off at National Football League stadiums in seven cities on Sunday.”

And anyone with a functioning sports IQ of room temperature or better should have known it was a hoax. As Keith Olbermann put it the other night “[the hoax] should have been obvious to anybody at the bureau or Homeland who knew a thing about football or geography or time. The seven supposedly threatened cities were the football stadiums in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Cleveland, and Oakland. Except there isn’t a football stadium in New York. There hasn’t been a pro football game played in New York City since 1983.” All games played by the Jets and Giants are played in Jersey.

Olbermann also points out that the Department of Homeland Security said the attacks were “coordinated to be carried out simultaneously at 1pm eastern standard time”, even though three of the stadiums/games mentioned were west coast games that couldn’t have started any earlier than 4pm edt.

“Once again, thank you Homeland Security, for making us feel a little less secure for no good reason. Of course the propaganda worked regardless, the term “dirty bomb” got back into the consciousness just 19 days before the elections,” summarized Olbermann, and that’s the larger point.

Crackpot terror alerts should be coming fast and furious in the next 16 days until the November elections, mainly because, as the 2004 election season reminds us, the Department of Homeland Security has been nothing but a tool and weapon of fear of the executive branch since its inception. This “football hoax” is right up there with the Miami Seven, the the Lodi Imams, Tom Ridge and his Twister-mat colored terror alerts, and the scores of other bogus cases which have been hyped merely to scare the bejebus out of people in time for election day.

In fact, looky here: The GOP has a new attack ad that’s being compared to Lyndon Johnson’s Daisy Girl ad from the 60’s. The new GOP ad features Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and scores of other terrorists speaking directly to the cameras about wanting to “kill Americans”.

Go to the GOP site and check it out, because it’s really a scream. A scream as in “I can’t believe these guys are so f’ing stupid to remind everyone that five years later, George Bush still hasn’t caught Osama bin Laden or his top lieutenants.”


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2 Responses to Touchdown!

  1. Ginny Cotts says:


    As someone whose ‘functioning sports IQ’ has clearly fallen below room temperature*, I was not the least convinced of this, and was highly amused at Keith’s comments.

    The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission website has good information on the reality of dirty, or Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD), bombs. The dynamite is the real threat.

    Colorado has major limits on what can be brought into the stadiums and have pack searches for everyone. If the major league teams can’t step up and pay for enough security at the venues before and after games, the fans who pay dearly for those tickets should be informed.

    The other reality check on the whole issue of terrorist bomb threats is with ‘suitcase’ bombs. Google that for a ton of sources. Generally;

    1)They were made decades ago and the ones potentially available for sale to terrorists or rogue nations would be those built by the USSR and stored in the states that became independent after the fall. The majority were accounted for in the early nineties when they were taken out of those states and returned to Russia for security and destruction.

    2)They had some built in safety factors that made them unlikely to be functional by now: several parts had an intentionally limited lifetime and had to be routinely updated by the USSR weapons program. Those parts were also intentionally unusual – hard to make a substitute that would work. The supply of those parts was limited because of the built in obsolesence, and after the break up, production was stopped.

    So getting one of those old bombs and making it work would require some really advanced weapons technology – not something the terrorists have at their disposal. It would basically only be good for the materials to make a completely new bomb. Even though this sounds like it wouldn’t be all that hard, it is. It’s radioactive material. It takes a lot of specialized knowledge, materials and equipment. I would not put it past the terrorists, I just don’t think it warrants the anxiety that fuels poor judgements in how to protect ourselves. The terrorists are doing a hell of a lot with conventional explosives. How much effort is being made to contain them?

    2) They are far more limited in the damage they can do than most people are afraid of. (Which is not to say they couldn’t do a lot – and any casualties are too many.) This misperception is clearly at the center of the fright campaign. Goes back to being more at risk of drowning in a bathtub than being killed by a terrorist bomb. To increase their power requires even more sophisticated weapons technology.

    3) We are talking “suitcase” bomb. You do have to get it where it will go off and it isn’t that small. This is where we go back to how secure are our refineries, chemical plants, electrical grids, railroads, etc.

    Maybe we should come up with a fact sheet for wide distribution in the face of the GOP ad and strategy. I don’t want to count on the ad suffering the same fate as Johnson’s ‘Daisy Girl’.

    Great analogy by a liberal DJ in response to one of The Dick’s comments this week. Saying that Saddam was in league with the terrorists who were in the country before the invasion would be a lot like saying that Cheney was in league with the 9/11 terrorists – who were in the US for months before the attacks.

    Oh yeah, some people have said that in the light of all the irregularities surrounding 9/11. Well, you get the point.

    *My sports IQ has suffered as a result of upping my political and historical IQs 🙄

  2. haveavoice says:

    This is no surprise to anyone who hangs out, as I do, on Yahoo News message boards. I’m sure the SS, FBI, whatever monitors that board a lot but they don’t seem to react as often as I would expect. There are a lot of these “trolls” as we call them, on those boards. I’m not sure what it is with the 20 something’s in this country but the male of that species seems to have cornered the market on meaness. These guys make really outlandish posts or comments and sometimes threats- LIKE THIS ONE. They mostly do it to get attention and I’m always left to wonder why they aren’t busy with H.S. or college homework, taking out the trash or washing the family car. Are they that rich and bored? Or are they that full of mischief or hate? This one apparently had way too much time on his hands and now the FBI has given him lots more of it. I’m sure his attorney will appeal but I hope whatever time he gets he comes out much wiser.