The Nightmare Continues: EVR Fraud in Maryland

This opening to an ABC News story was another jolt for the importance of GOTV and voting absentee where ever possible. Reality check: even if they are making stupid errors that tell us the machines will be hacked, again, without other means of casting and counting votes on 11/7, it will still be a ton of work to get what will still be a suspect count.

Cheryl Kagan, a former Maryland Democratic legislator, was shocked when she opened her mail Wednesday morning.

Inside, she discovered three computer discs. With them was an anonymous letter saying the discs contained the secret source code for vote-counting that could be used to alter the votes cast through Maryland’s new electronic voting machines.

“My understanding is that with these disks a malicious person could skew the outcome of an election,” Kagan said.
There is also the matter of computer glitches. In primary elections and test runs this year , there were glitches with electronic voting machines from Diebold and other companies.

Machines malfunctioned in Texas, where 100,000 votes were added.

In California, directions for voters with vision problems came out in Vietnamese.

And in Maryland, screens froze and memory cards went missing.

Read the article. You will be very afraid. Use the fear – get the word out. I applaud and endorse this comment:

Gov. Robert Ehrlich, a Republican running for reelection, advised residents to vote by absentee ballot because he had no confidence in the machines.

“I don’t care if we paid half a billion dollars or $1 billion,” Ehrlich said. “If it’s going to put the election at risk, there’s no price tag for a phony election or a fraudulent election.”


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4 Responses to The Nightmare Continues: EVR Fraud in Maryland

  1. I have to wonder if the media would pay be finally paying attention if it weren’t for blogs like Brad Blog who have tirelessly pushed this issue.

    Thankfully not only have memebers of the media listened to him – like CNN’s Lou Dobbs and the recent NYTimes aricle about the paper ballots legislation, but thankfully he’s managed to get the ear of Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold and John Kerry of late.

  2. Now this story just gives me the creeps for more than one reason. Take the fact of what I wrote about Louisiana have a roll in the road to the Whitehouse and then look at what a fellow Louisiana blogger hits us with! Bush says LA needs royalties to protect its coastline and you know why I think I smell a rat! I know we need that money, but I hope my fellow lefties don’t run off and think that Bush does anything without a price to pay.

    Now take that and the fact that on Sept. 30th for the special elections, I used something other than a pull lever machine for the first time. That’s right, all our machines are now electronic! Now add the fact that my chosen candidate dropped out and we will have a Republican as the Sec. of State, and you can understand why I am ticked off about this whole situation.

  3. Ginny Cotts says:


    A Rethug for Sec of State. NOT good. Colorado is not getting much attention on this nationally but the woman Gov Owens appointed to the position had the EV machines ‘certified’ by a guy who admitted he had no credentials, no training and no knowledge of the programming or the machines. He actually has no expertise whatsoever in computers or programming.

    I will be an Election Judge on 11/7. I am looking forward to the class next week (4 hours) and the experience with a few too many butterflies.

    Definitely gave me the creeps. At least someone sent the discs and we know the potential is still very much a reality. The worst part is that once the votes are cast and changed, there is no way to know if they were counted correctly since the corrupted programs erase themselves.

    Mission Possible?

  4. Nick says:

    Here in Maryland our esteemed GOP (and embattled) governor has called for Maryland to use paper ballots and chuck the diebolds. God to agree with the governor on a an issue this close to the election. Sorry Bob, too little too late.