Why Georgia Doesn’t Get It

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Seats in Danger, Democrats Proclaim Conservatism:

“For all the talk of this being a Democratic year – experts and party leaders use words like tide or even tsunami – there are a small number of exceptions, places where Republicans believe they can take back seats from the Democrats.

“The number of embattled Democrats has gone down. Republicans at the beginning of the summer said they believed that they could take 10 Democratic seats. Now they say four. Two of those four seats are here in Georgia, a predominantly Republican state where redistricting has left two Democratic incumbents, Representatives John Barrow and Jim Marshall, unfamiliar to a big chunk of their new constituents.”

In 2004 I lived in what was then John Barrow’s district. Barrow ran against the incumbent, Max Burns, and defeated him. We were the only district in the U.S. in 2004 that dumped an incumbent Republican congressman.

Following that humiliation the Republicans in Georgia’s state legislature gerrymandered the district and eliminated progressive Athens, Ga. (cutting us in half, and putting most of us in Charlie Norwood’s district). Barrow moved to Savannah, where he (and Marshall) are being swiftboated by the same goons who swiftboated John Kerry in 2004.

So what do they do in their newly conservative district? As Barrow’s opponent (Burns is running again) said the other night in a debate, “running to the right of Attila the Hun.”

Sad. I’m no longer in Barrow’s district, so I don’t care much what happens to him, frankly. But his t.v. ads (where he proclaims “I ain’t one of them cut ‘n run, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy Democrats”) smack of desperation. They are the cries of an endangered species…the southern Democrat.

And this is exactly why, in what promises to be a Democratic tsunami of an election, Georgians and the Georgia Democratic Party are out of touch with reality.

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