Message From Barack Obama

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Dear Todd,

This is our moment. In the last 24 hours, we have seen a tremendous outpouring of support from the community. You’ve raised over $350,000, rushing money to four crucial Senate campaigns that will use this cash to expand their final media buys on Friday.

John Kerry told you yesterday that control of the Senate comes down to these four states: Tennessee, Missouri, New Jersey, and Virginia. Top Republican strategists have admitted as much.

This is how we will take back the Senate. This is how we will change America. And this is why your donation has never been more critical.

I was honored when John Kerry asked me to keynote his Democratic National Convention in the summer of 2004. In the last two years, he and I have been working tirelessly to win back Congress. And now, it’s come down to the final two weeks.

You know the kind of ads we’re going to see in these last days. They’ll play on our fears, they’ll try to divide us, and they’ll try to distract us from the real issues in this race — the need for a new course in Iraq, for new leadership in Washington, for a new direction on health care and energy and education.

We’ve seen it all before, and we’ll see it all again. But right now, you have the power to show America that it’s not gonna work. Not this time.

These four Senate races are going down to the wire. And, if we act together, the Republican candidates in each of these four states are going down to defeat.

Help Harold Ford, Jr. in Tennessee, Claire McCaskill in Missouri, Bob Menendez in New Jersey, and Jim Webb in Virginia.

If we win these races, we win it all.

Americans are tired of being divided, tired of partisan roadblocks, tired of appeals to our worst instincts and greatest fears.

This country is ready for change. This country is desperate for leadership. Now it’s up to us to get it done. Let’s finish the job. Let’s help America believe again.

Barack Obama

Isn’t that something? With all the handwringing over John Kerry being “stingy” with his campaign money from ’04 (you can read about the “controversy” here and here, as well as Kerry’s response here), followed by all the hosanas that have been heaped on Obama in the past week or so, how interesting that the “savior of the Democratic Party”, as some consider Obama, is teaming up with Kerry to take back the Senate. You can go here to contribute.

Take that, Kos and other losers.

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6 Responses to Message From Barack Obama

  1. Indie Liberal says:

    Yay Obama! At least he hasn’t forgotten about 06. 🙂

  2. Todd

    Thanks for posting! JK and Obama are both class acts.

  3. You know that JK and Obama are both class acts. But let me just say this. With all the hype of southern people and how they are needed to attain the POTUS and all. You know the hype of southern Govs. and all? Well let me extend this invite to JK. I would be happy to be your VP. Then you would have loyalty and someone that would be happy to tell the GOP to go to hell!

    I would love to have the chance to tell Rush to shut up for a minute while the truth is spoken and I hope it chokes him since he seems to be allergic to it.

    I would love to tell Bill O’Reilly to get meds and take them now!! If you don’t have them to take, then go get some you pathetic excuse for “fair and balanced” bastard!

    I have a lot more where that came from. So let me know if you need me.

  4. pen says:

    Donnie you’d get my vote for VP.
    I see for all his critiscm of Kerry not speaking more of his relgious values and all that went wrong in 04 Obama doesn’t mind taping into JK’s gravy train.

    Well, if it helps the dems get the senate then fine but don’t think I’ll forget the past remarks.

    Obama needs to go down there to help Ford out.

  5. Pen

    I agree Obama should go down there and help. The ad has been dropped the news says. Damage is done now.

  6. greenbean says:

    I must have missed something, Obama was never too hot for John Kerry. Not to mention his critisms of him in several occasions. And the fact that he is doing something for this mid-term election now has somewhat defined him.