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Nice to see this: Dems Push to Counter GOP Turnout

“Democrats are pushing into high gear this weekend a sharply expanded campaign to get their voters to the polls, even as some party leaders expressed anxiety that Republicans would again out-organize them in the approximately 20 House and 3 Senate races that both sides agree will determine the outcome of the midterm elections. After two national elections in which Republicans’ sophisticated get-out-the-vote operation helped them triumph over their opponents, Democrats have invested heavily in catching up.”

Much has been made of the vaunted Rovian “72-Hour Get Out the Vote” apparatus used by Republicans the last two elections. Anyone who knows anything about getting out the vote, however, knows that this is just good old fashioned politics, aided by 21st century technology.

Party apparatchiks can comb through voter data to see who their most reliable primary and runoff voters are going back several elections, then target those people during the last 72 hours (via phone calls, emails, or knocking on doors) to get to the polls. Rather than dialing randomly to encourage people to vote, this method allows you to go after your base and boost turnout there.

The only thing keeping Dems and Repubs apart on the use of this system is volunteers and voter interest. Where the Repubs were good was at getting people to sit in front of phone banks the weekend before an election, and the Dems weren’t. Also, they were able to motivate their base because of the usual wedge issues like homophobia, terrorism, etc.

Why this won’t work for the Republicans this year is simple: the Democrats are motivated (hence, high volunteer turnout), their base is motivated, and independents are breaking Democrat in a tidal wave of more than 2 to 1. The GOP may still be able to deploy the “volunteers” needed (mostly paid party apparatchiks), but their base is home asleep and uninterested. No “72-hour voter turnout” machine in the world is worth a damn if your base ain’t interested.

And given how the GOP has morphed into the party of criminals, sex perverts, and other malcontents, sounds to me like the GOP quaeda will probably be screening their calls next weekend.

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One Response to Mobilization

  1. Ginny Cotts says:

    I love these indicators of the overthrow we desperately need. My internet roaming this morning has again raised the spector of election fraud.

    This is a good expose on “How to steal an election by hacking the vote”. The PDF really showcases how much easier it is now for very few people to change thousands of votes – and not be detected. You need to go to the PDF to find the demographics on how many machines, registered voters, etc break down. Plus the discussion of ‘wholesale’ voter fraud that is undetectable.

    Other stuff