Democratic Daily Trivia Contest

Pamela asked me if I could come up with a post to give away two signed copies of Paul Reickhoff’s new book, Chasing Ghosts. I finally came up with the idea of a trivia type post, and she agreed and asked if I would take care of it. Well you know me, I am up to the challenge. The question is, are you?

So after thinking a while on it, I thought that it might not be fair to some that have not known me as long as others if I try to just give questions about myself. I then decided to give multiple questions and base it on a point system to make it fair. SO what you get is not only questions about me, but things that others can be able to answer. Besides, I have a way to get around what the regulars know about me. 😆 Happy research and luck to all. Most of this can be researched on this blog if you take the time. I will let Pamela decide how long this contest last, so everyone can research the data.

1: What is my birthday? Worth one point. Two points for anyone within 30 days.

2: What is the date that I first came to The Democratic Daily? Worth three points.

3: What is Pamela’s birthday? Worth two points. Three points if within 21 days.

4: What year did I go into the Marine Corps? Worth three points. Five bonus points if you can give the year and the month. Ten points if you can name the month, day, and year.

5: Who can be given credit for the quote-Simplify, Simplify? Worth two points.

6: What is the date of the first post put up on the Dem Daily? Worth three points.

7: On which day did Terrebonne Parish get flooded by Hurricane Rita? Worth three points.

8: The statue of Liberty was given to America by what country? Worth four Points.

9: What South American leader called Bush the Devil? Worth 2 points.

10: Who is the WORST PRESIDENT EVER? Worth Fifty points!!

93 possible points folks. Happy hunting and good luck.

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2 Responses to Democratic Daily Trivia Contest

  1. One thing I forgot to mention, is how to submit your answers without letting others know. Well you can always mail them with the subject line, ” Dem Daily Trivia Contest” to Pamela or me at

    That is the way to go!! Unless you want to help the competition that is. Happy hunting.

  2. Ginny Cotts says:

    #10 George W Bush (the no-brainer question) I don’t know if I will hunt the others, but might as well get my 50 easy points in.

    I need another book to read, when I’ve finished the 50 or 60 on the list 🙄