A Loss of a Loved One and John Kerry

You may not agree with this person’s views on John Kerry and the 2004 election, but by god this’ll remind you of not just of John Kerry’s goodness — but of the sacrifice people with friends and family in combat go through.

This diary at DKos in support of John Kerry and the GOP smear campaign against him, speaks for itself:

I know, this is probably diary #2000 about John Kerry today, and Kerry should not be what we are talking about this close to the mid-term election.

But there is a personal element for me to this story today, and I felt I really wanted to comment on it, and why the GOP smear campaign against Kerry today was so outrageous to me personally and to my family.

I didn’t support John Kerry in the primary in 04 (I live in NH, so I get my pick of contenders to vote for). I won’t support him in 08. He ran a poor campaign which I believe cost us the White House. And I won’t support giving him our party’s nomination so he can do it again. I will, of course, vote for whoever the nominee is, as I did in 04. So, it’s not like I’m some big John Kerry-ite.

On June 13 of this year, my younger brother Russ was killed in Afghanistan. There is obviously no need for me to explain the pain this caused me and my family, from my mother, to Russ’ twin brother, to his fiance.

We were contacted by all the members of our state’s congressional coalition (all Republicans) and by our governor (John Lynch, a Dem). Only one politician from outside the state contacted us, and that was John Kerry. At Russ’ funeral, the only two politicians who attended were Lynch and Kerry (no, cynics, he didn’t advertise his appearance or make any statements to the media about it, so don’t suggest he did it to win votes).

Since the funeral, a couple of our congressmen have followed up a little with our family. So has Lynch. So has Kerry. He has called my mother on multiple occaisions and offered to do anything he can to help us.

In short, he was there for my family, the family of a fallen soldier. He continues to be there for us, and has offered to do more.

What he said yesterday was clearly a slip of the tongue. He was talking about Bush, and misspoke slightly. The White House knows it, just as we know it. For cheap political gain, Bush and Co. are trying to make it sound as if he is insulting the troops, when they absolutely know that that is not the case.

As someone who has experienced Kerry’s support for the troops first-hand, and as someone who has seen him give some small amount of comfort to my griveing mother, I can’t put into words how offensive I find the false suggestion, for cheap political gain, that Kerry wants to insult our troops and their families.

To everyone out there trying to make that case (Bush, Cheney, Snow, McCain, among others), one simple message: Go to hell.

EDITORS NOTE: The diary above from DKos is a clear reminder of who John Kerry really is. While Bush never attends the funerals of fallen soldiers, John Kerry does. While Bush cuts Veteran’s benefits, Kerry fights to preserve them and do better for Veterans and the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

UPDATE – RELATED POST: Statement of Senator John Kerry

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4 Responses to A Loss of a Loved One and John Kerry

  1. Indie Liberal says:

    Wonder who he supports? Been hearing that Kerry’s “botched” joke was the end of his chances for 08. Even worse, Harold Ford Jr. is calling on him to apologize.

    After the dust settles, the biggest problem may be winning back the support of servicemen/servicewomen, veterans, and millitary families who feel he “belittled” the troops. (Does anyone think he’ll leave the jokes to the comedians from now on?)

    Of course, the media blew it out of proportion, but if he runs again, will he still have some support in Iowa despite one of the democrats he is raising money for turning on him?

    I know 06 is the big fish right now, but I was just wondering what the fallout from all this will be? We all know Kerry cares about the troops.

  2. mbk says:

    Beautiful dKos diary: thanks for posting it.

    Indie liberal–surely, surely, people realize by now that the GOP smear brigade will do this to any Dem candidate. Kerry has been vetted and smeared every which way, and yet he has emerged with renewed focus, grit, and courage to travel all over the country, working to elect a Democratic congress. Someone should be giving him huge credits for this. Any “fresh face”, or media heartthrob of the moment, will merely have to go through this process from scratch, without the benefit of previous experience. Other “older” faces are dragging around much more baggage than Kerry, and still have yet to experience the full barrage of the GOP smear machine. (One other “older” face, a presumed 2008 presidential candidate was described recently in a Boston Globe blog has having “more baggage than Logan airport”.)
    Surely, surely, by the time the 2008 election season starts in earnest, even the silliest Democrats in my dementedly self-destructive party will be able to put this ridiculously small incident into its larger context, and, at the very least, give Kerry the huge plaudits he deserves for his heroic work in the 2006 election, not to mention doing him the courtesy of seeing him as the hero he is?

  3. John M says:

    Being a longtime Massachusetts
    resident, and having watched and
    heard Mr. Kerry on many occasions,
    here are my comments:

    I think that Kerry said exactly
    what he wanted to say, and he WAS
    meaning to say – “finish college,
    or you’ll end up as a dumb soldier.”
    Kerry just wildly miscalculated the
    effect of these statements. He
    probably talks this way in his
    high powered and high money political
    and social circles, so this was just
    John Kerry being John Kerry.
    It’s unfortunate for John Kerry
    and the Democratic party, who
    sometimes need to get off of
    their high horses and moneyed
    fairy land lives. Humility and
    understanding of ordinary Americans
    seems to be much more a part of the
    Republican party, despite the
    Democrats’ apparent but false
    compassion show in their
    constant pandering speeches to
    the poor, to unions, to illegal
    immigrants and others who are easily
    influenced by flowery speakers.

    Thanks John Kerry for the awesome
    October surprise. Maybe you are
    secretly a Karl Rove operative.

  4. Nick says:

    John M

    Ain’t it funny how ordinary Americans vote.

    It turns out that in a country where the median household income in about $44,000 here’s the income breakdown for 2004

    Voters from households making

    $0-$15,000: Kerry 63%-36%
    $15K-30K: Kerry 57%-42%
    $30K-50L: Kerry 51%-48%
    Note: in all these income strata Kerry outdid both Gore 2000 AND Clinton 1996.
    OF course for upper middle and wealthy voters it was a different story
    50K-75K: Bush 56%-43%
    75K-100K: Bush 55%-44%
    100K-200K: Bush 57%-42%
    200K-up: Bush 63%-36%

    Yeah, “ordinary” Americans didn’t think highly of John Kerry. They just voted for him.