More Defense of Kerry

Not to keep belaboring the issue, but as Pamela noted below, slowly but surely the fog of the Republican attack seems to be lifting, and drifting in are all sorts of [hold your breath] defenses of John Kerry.

Crooks and Liars has an interesting video up of Christopher Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan, both generally right wing kooks, defending John Kerry.

Then Arianna and Jane Hamsher at HuffPo have blistering takes on Hillary Clinton’s caving in to the Republican noise machine.

And Bob Geiger has a must read defense of Kerry up as well.

As he concludes, “it’s time to begin throwing the liars out.

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10 Responses to More Defense of Kerry

  1. Todd

    Belabor away! Keep it coming…

  2. StukInIrak says:

    I agree with Bob Geiger that “it’s time to begin throwing the liars out.“

    Will you begin your efforts on November 8th?

    I can hardly wait.

  3. Easy now, I wouldn’t call Hitchens and Sullivan kooks. Hitchens is in a class by himself and his political “taxonomy” is tough to peg. The bigger point of your post though, is great news!

  4. Mass says:

    A little frightening that Sullivan and Hitchens got what some Democratic leaders do not seem to understand.

  5. Mass

    Others have as well. I have couple of links I have to pull up of rightwing bloggers who also get it. I’ll post them in a bit – I’m working on piece right now.

  6. Javelin says:

    In response to Blue’s earlier comment on “what to do” it would probably be a good idea to show up on some of the websites/blogs of some of the non-Dems who have stood up for the Senator and say “thanks”. In a few weeks the political alndscape will be changing and with a little support from Republican yet like-minded folks there’s no limit to what can be finally accomplished in this country.

  7. pen says:

    Like I said the other day you know its a blame shame when the wing nuts stand up for Kerry and his own party tries to feign their outrage.

    Lawd what is the world coming to when hitchens who regulary bashes Kerry speaks up for him.

    Put that in your comments to dems in congress and the msm.

    They might change their minds tomorrow but what the hell we might as well use them today.

  8. pen says:

    read some of the comments and articles posted above.

    Kerry did indeed give the dems an opportunity to put the final stake in the rethugs heart and instead Hillary, tester, mccaskill, and all the other haters blew it. Nice going. They are so on the rovian diet they couldn’t see the meat an potatoes in front of them- idiots.

    Don’t apologize before speaking truth to power anymore JK.

    People will never realize how many Kerry was right moments are out there unless you show it.

    Yeah, Hill and Lieberman in 08 if the dems aren’t careful that’s what your going to get.

    Lamont needs to use Lieberman statements bashing Kerry against him. put up some ads warning Conn. voters if Lieberman can’t defend an honorable vet from his own party how is he going to stand up and defend them.

    Come on Ned get cracking. Hit the bastard in the gut like he has been doing to you.

  9. My wife Shirley Ketelson is the manager of a small store in the Solano Mall, since 9/11 she has had 6 young men from her store join the Military service, and I am here to testify that every one of these young men are intelligent, honest, hardworking and valued members of their families and this community.

    In addition to these 6 young men I want to tell you about my hero. His name is Dustin Birch he was a volunteer missionary in my church serving here in Fairfield. He sat at my dinner table and shared with me his vision for a better world. When his mission was over he returned home and joined the Marines. Last year I received word that Dustin had given his life while fighting terrorists in Iraq so we won’t have to fight them here in Fairfield.

    All of these young men are the best of the best. They make me proud to be an American.

    Their will always be a place at my Dinner table, in my heart, and in my prayers for all our brave servicemen.

    Always Faithful,

    Jeff Ketelson

  10. Ginny Cotts says:

    Jeff K

    It is those wonderful young men and women that John Kerry has always supported and worked for. That is the worst of this whole foolish blowing a botched joke into something it never was and is ridiculous to even suspect. John Kerry has a record of working and voting FOR veterans and active military that simply cannot be refuted.

    I am really angry because of my experience in nursing caring for vets. For them to get this false impression that someone who HAS done so much for them would say what the GOP spin machine accused him of, is the worst part. Politics is often like guerilla warfare – it’s hard to know who your enemy really is.

    McCain’s comment was especially sickening – he has worked with Kerry on many of these issues and couldn’t possibly have believed what he said.

    This country has many debts. The first we must always repay is to our vets. Not just at our tables, hearts and prayers, but in theirs.