Democrats Never Learn

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Democrats Never Learn
by Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks

A retired fighter pilot once called our show and said what the Democrats need to learn is the old Top Gun motto: Turn into the fight!

John Kerry’s joke about the president — which was twisted for propaganda purposes by the Republicans — was an … opportunity! It was an opportunity for Democrats to bring up every error that Bush and his Republican enablers in Congress have made — and then demand an apology to the troops for those actions.

Anytime a reporter asked about Kerry’s remarks, every Democrat should have started the sentence with the words, “Let me tell you who has to apologize to the troops, these Republicans in the administration and Congress for what they have done…”

Then you can go on to talk about sending the troops into war without a plan, or proper equipment or competent Secretary of Defense or any justification whatsoever. Or their votes against veterans when they return from the war. The Republican Congress turned down a measly twenty million dollars to help veterans recover from traumatic brain injuries. That’s less than what the Iraq War costs in two hours! These guys nearly had their heads blown off by IEDs and the Republicans turned down their treatment. How’s that for an insult to the troops?

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3 Responses to Democrats Never Learn

  1. Javelin says:

    I know we’re all very busy but if you have the time I thoroughly recommend reding the rest of the post at HufPo (click “read on here…” and check out the “Seven Step Plan for Media Domination and Opponent Destruction”. Cenk wrote this almost TWO YEARS AGO…….

  2. As a former Marine, I despise what they have done to my brothers and sisters in green! The non stop attack on Vets that come from those evil bastards enrages me! I have actually delayed going to the VA for a re-evaluation, for the fear that they might take away what lil bit I do get now.

    Don’t even get me started with the missing laptop and the over all mishandling of all that has to do with Vets. The War In Iraq? I might blow a gasket if I get started! They have already managed to run people like myself out of the party, and made us fight against the very same people that did it. Who in their right mind would dare to distance and anger trained fighting people that will not turn and run?

    Now they have the fighting Dems, and how do you stop that? Besides the usual swiftboat attacks. As I said a year ago when I came here to The Dem Daily, If they wanted a political enemy, THEY GOT IT!!

  3. Donnie

    The nutjobs are at it again. They’re up in arms because the Seattle PI OP/ED is posted at Go to Memeorandum and scroll down to see the links –